Friday Rag & Bone – Issue #12

28 Jun


A number of sports things happened this past week*, as well as a number of political things that felt like sports things**, but way, way more intense and obviously life-impacting. The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup and people understandably went wild; there was an NBA draft; the President sang “Get Lucky;” and Wendy Davis was a damn badass and the people of Texas made me extra proud as they stood against something they thought was awful…AND WON***. Round 2 next week, so I hope these internet tidbits get you pumped up and ready for it.

*This .gif is my favorite sports writer Bill Simmons freaking out that his Celtics just traded away Garnett and Pierce. Right before his head exploded.

**The final minutes of #SB5/#standwithwendy totally felt like sudden death overtime.

***I’ve never felt more proud/embarrassed/proud of Texas.


Since our Bulls weren’t able to overcome their injuries to take down the Heat, I’m really excited for the city of Chicago that their Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. And honestly – look at their coach’s dancing! Look at it!! I can barely be considered a hockey fan, but I enjoyed the Hawks bandwagon enough to send Caitlin a .gif of the 2010 championship celebration, not realizing it wasn’t this year. This party in the streets is this year, though.

Obama “Get Lucky”

Speaking of dancing, we knew the POTUS could sing but I wasn’t aware he was a fan of French dance rock. Get on down, Obama. Unnngh, get it Barry!


I never realized hamsters were so civilized, but this little photo series opened my eyes to their wonder. Maybe when Moxie’s Pet Service is busy, we can just hire a hamster to walk Scooby. Scooby would totally try to eat a hamster. Or hopefully do his adorable soft tentative chew thing he does if he’s not sure what he’s eating. 


Speaking of Scooby, we are always sad that he’s not that into swimming around, but maybe if we hook him up with his own floatie like this chill pup above, he’ll be more comfortable? I’m still hopeful Scooby  just needs the right body of water. If someone tried to teach me to swim at the rocky entrance to the water by town lake, I wouldn’t be swimming in triathlons right now, I tell you what. Scooby wouldn’t stand for this inner tube. He’d wiggle right out.

If we were dogs

To round out our “awesome dog stuff” theme, above is an amazing and adorable video to give you a sense as to what it would be like to be a dog. I wish I could experience it, just for one day, to really connect with Scoobus and get inside his head. Last night when I was on the couch playing NFL street and Scooby was sprawled across me, looking up at me, we had a connection, but yeah, I totally agree. Would be fun for a day, except for all the butt sniffing.

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 9.29.02 AM

Some awesome folks went ahead and translated all of the names of cities and states and countries, which is pretty freaking awesome. Although Zack comes from the Stink Onions in the Land of Those Who Speak Normally, he moved to the Land of Friends (which is where I’m from) which shows good taste. This makes everywhere seem exotic and awesome.

*That’s how I got the nickname ole stinky onion breath. I assume.

“Wendy Davis”

We’ll close it out today with this ode to Wendy Davis by Austin band the Bright Light Social Hour. Despite it being a “school night” for me, I stayed up way past midnight holding my breath, trying to figure out what had happened with SB5. When I awoke to Zack saying*, “It didn’t pass! They stopped it!” I felt relief wash over me. Watching the political actions of both my senator and the people living in this city with me moved me in a way politics has only rarely moved me before. I’ll be there Monday for round two, and I hope that if you aren’t in Austin, you tune in again to keep the GOP in check so they don’t try to pull another “oh whoops it was past midnight our mistake” move again.

*I actually just said “We won.” 😉


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