Our New RLA Camera: Nikon Coolpix S9500

1 Jul

zoomerWe finally got a camera. The search began in March, when Caitlin said she was interested in a big fancy camera with changeable lenses and I was vehemently against it*. A couple weeks later we narrowed down what we both wanted in a camera and the search was on. We agreed that we wanted a point and shoot that we wouldn’t mind bringing everywhere from dinner dates and Barton Springs bike rides to our long-planned Europe vacation. We wanted something with a good zoom, WiFi, GPS, and something not too complicated to use. We did a LOT of research. We almost went for the gimmicky Samsung Galaxy Camera, we almost went for the bigger sensor of a Sony, but when it came down to it, the camera that had the whole package was the Coolpix S9500. Or so we hope**.

*Eventually I really do want to step our photography game up, but for now and with the limited time we have to familiarize ourselves with our equipment, I agreed that something user-friendly and travel-size was definitely best.

**I’m still very nervous that we went for the smaller sensor size, but am keeping my fingers crossed that we still get beautiful, crisp images.


We actually did get “the whole package.*” For Less than $190 each, we found a package that has the camera, a memory card, battery charger, carrying case, tripod, yadda, yadda, yadda. This camera itself has 22x zoom, 18.1 megapixels, full HD 1080p video, an automatic pop-up flash. Oh, and my favorite aspect is that thing where you can isolate one color while taking the rest of the picture in black and white. I know you can do that in photoshop, but I love being able to do it on the fly and also I don’t have photoshop**. As long as the other pics look pretty crisp, I can see us having some great times with this camera. The days of using pictures I took with my iPhone and uploaded to Instagram on the blog are over. Hopefully***. As long as we remember to take our new red camera out with us.


**Truly, all of the bells and whistles related to the filtering options of this camera are awesome. When you can edit on the go, as we will have to, ya gotta sign up for that.

***Mostly. I’m sure we’ll still Instagram it up on the reg.


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