Rag & Bone – Issue #13

5 Jul


It was a random kind of week, for which only a random kind of R&B will do. This week was a mish-mash of young people finding ways to make the miserable yearbook photo experience more tolerable, of one guy living out his dream of being amazing at that Snake game, of a group of girls being kind of awful by “living out their dream” of running onto a baseball field and taking photos and video as she did so, and then this sciencey man who took a series of photos, including the one above, of a buncha awesome stuff in a box of mirrors. People are kooky, but you gotta just love them.


I will honestly never understand the appeal of running onto a sports field to interrupt a game. Are you that much in need of attention? Maybe learn how to play the game so you can go out on the field in a legitimate way? But I know, that’s so much work. This was more Zack’s find than mine so I can’t say much more about it. It annoys me. I used to think I needed attention badly enough to do this. Watching this .gif made me realize I’m glad I never did it.


This, on the other hand, is an achievement I can get behind. People who are this steady-handed and patient with video games amaze me. I wish I had this kind of skill. I’m genuinely curious if someone actually did this or if this is just the hypothetical best possible score.


When you’re young (or a teacher sometimes, apparently) there can be this innate desire to mess with the rules a little. Or so I’m told, I never had that at all; instead I was frequently horrified that I’d broken a rule. Anyway. I do think we can all agree that yearbook photos can be THE WORST but when you get creative, like many of these people, you can make it more enjoyable. I regret not being way more creative with my yearbook quote/picture. These people just owned it.

I kind of feel like we shouldn’t post this video alongside what is relatively mediocre internet findings, since this is basically the best thing of ever, but I’m too addicted to this song not to share it. Y’all, prepare to have your minds blown and hearts melted. Alt-J (or “∆”) have been around for a while now, but I finally just jumped on the bandwagon last weekend, and I’m in for the long haul now. It’s a song that REFERENCES WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE FOR CHRISSAKES. Yeah, this band (and especially this song) rule. Give them a few listens ASAP.


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