First Weekend With Our New Camera

8 Jul

shoes 3

The Friday after the 4th of July was the best mail day ever.  The first thing I tore into was my Platinum Vault package from Third Man Records. Nearly every Vault package has been spectacular, but I’d been especially looking forward to this package. A red & white, double live, vinyl set from a July 2003 White Stripes show in Chicago. Bundled with a red marble 45 and a book of photographs from the recording of Elephant that looked gorgeous, it’s my ideal tour from my favorite band.* A much smaller package contained a cheap, but surprisingly good, $6.39 pair of earbuds (highly recommended if you lose headphones as often as I do.) But for the biggest box of all, I knew I had to wait for Caitlin to get home from work to open**. I wasn’t about to start exploring our brand new camera without her, after we’d spent months agonizing over which one to get***.

*Not to mention, it’s the tour of Zack’s favorite album by his favorite band! Even though I asked that Zack pick a different record to play while we battled it out playing Sequence, I understood the perfection this package posed for Zack.

**Such a thoughtful move. Many kudos for waiting — I’m sure it wasn’t easy!

***We seriously agonized. We read reviews and asked our friends and crowdsourced answers online and looked at photos of photos and photos of cameras and finally settled on the Nikon Coolpix S9500.sunset

One of the first things we shot was this red sunset we saw while driving. The image on the right Caitlin shot through the windshield while driving. The left image is me shooting the sun from outside the car, while parked. I really love both of these shots, a lot. Even though mine is fuzzy, the colors are just beautiful, and Zack’s color-isolating photo looks even better large because you can see the orange reflected on the pavement from the sun.

Caitlin necklace

I isolated the gold on Caitlin’s necklace for this shot, which ended up being my favorite I took this weekend. The framing of this shot makes me slightly uncomfortable, but I do think it’s neat that the color isolation picks up the gold in both my necklace *and* my hair.

Zack in laneCaitlin took some far away pics of me. Color isolation! Never gets old.

zack bowlingAnd then some close-up ones to get the details. This one was just using the high contrast setting, and I LOVE the richness of the colors.

caitlin ballI attempted to isolate the purple in her ball and on the walls. There were many attempts at this shot, and many hilarious faces to accompany it.

skirtandshoesThen one bringing out the red in her skirt and shoes. A curtsy for the camera.

Bowling color change on Make A Gif

make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

Caitlin took her turn at isolating colors and we gif’ed it. Love this set.

scoobysitBut we did have someone waiting patiently at home for his own photo shoot. Scooby looked like an alien in most of the photos we took of him.

scoobylookWhat are you guys doing with your new toy? That doesn’t look like dad’s phone. In this one, especially, he’s looking E.T.-ish. Andy and I vote he looks more like a Gremlin.

scoobysmileOK. I’ll smile. This is kinda fun. There’s our handsome man!

scoobyshakeYou want to take way too many pics of me all the time? Deal! Phone hooooooooooooooooooooome.


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