Komé, Maybe?

10 Jul


Zack and I have been to Komé before, and were completely impressed by the delicious, wide array of sushi options available. Even for a vegetarian like me, they have tons of stuff I can sink my teeth into*, although I kept it light on Friday because I knew Frozen Yogurt was a thing that I was going to make happen. Although there was a long wait** and they forgot to give us warm washcloths for our hands (a practice that always surprises me, but then delights me, because a warm, damp towel is way more refreshing than that sounds) the food was still tasty as can be.

*It always pleasantly surprises me that Caitlin’s up for sushi since she doesn’t eat fish, or even avocado.

**It was about 40 minutes sitting in 95 degree heat outside, but a Fireman’s 4 for me and an iced tea for Caitlin helped pass the time well.


I’m usually a fan of nigiri, and I loved the orange sauce, so this roll with salmon on top really hit the spot. I’m trying to look at the menu to figure out which roll it is and can’t. Feel free to look for yourself. 


Zack and I were still playing around with our new camera at the restaurant, which made the dining experience extra exciting. Although nothing quite matches Uchiko, Komé is a fantastic, delicious second. We’ll have to try Uchi next, since they’re more of the sushi specialists than Uchiko, but I always love eating at Kome.


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