Rag & Bone – Issue #14

12 Jul


This cartoon has become something of a rallying cry from our generation this week. I’m a little embarrassed to say I didn’t quite appreciate it fully at first. I wanted to say “oh, stop complaining,” but Caitlin reminded me how tough it was for me to find any kind of job just a couple years ago and how it really has been a rough time to be in your 20s trying to find meaningful work*. We’ve also got a clever set of pictures of book covers with one letter missing, a Vanity Fair list tearing apart Buzz Feed, muppets with human eyes, a penis joke that Caitlin actually likes and a heartwarming story of over tipping.

*More than that, it often feels like people are so preoccupied with placing blame that finding resolutions to all of our really, really big problems as a society and as the human race aren’t really being addressed. I feel like the biggest takeaway from this comic was to say, can we all stop pointing fingers and start tracking down some better results?


Cheesy fairy tale indeed. More hereMy personal favorite, because of its absurdity, is the one simply titled “Malcolm.”

I enjoy a good Buzz Feed list, as we all do, but it was hard to read one for a few days without thinking about how Vanity Fair tore them a new one.

Oh, Aussies. They love a good dick joke … down under. Typically, this kind of high school humor makes me roll my eyes, but the women’s total confusion about what was so funny gave it an innocence that just cracked me up.


Muppets With People Eyes is second only to Chicks with Steve Buscemi Eyes in the eye replacement game. I will have nightmares about this forever. Big Bird and Kermit have never looked so murder-y.



My brother posted a link to all of these ridiculous photo edits, and there were so many that made me laugh out loud. Thomas the Tank Engine has never looked so murderous.

Finally, this story about a family who honored their brother/son’s last wishes to tip extremely generously warmed my heart. Oh, and Catching a home run rules!


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