Kayak Adventures With Ducks

15 Jul

caitlinoarsWith a Groupon for a half day of kayaking burning a hole in our pockets, Caitlin and I biked over to Town Lake on a 103 degree afternoon, loaded up with sun screen and rented a tandem kayak. Wearing a lifejacket was optional, but it shouldn’t surprise you that Caitlin strapped hers on over her bathing suit and shirt and I never put mine on*. We left our camera at home, afraid of ruining it in water a week into having it, but I risked my iPhone to capture our first kayaking and was especially glad we captured one brave duck who wanted a ride.

*I kept thinking I’d take it off and just store it in the kayak, but that would have involved too much moving that could have caused us to tip over and then I wouldn’t have my life jacket on. These are the things I think about.caitlinduckCaitlin was admittedly a little nervous when we started*, easing herself into the kayak slowly, attempting to center herself, literally and figuratively. She sat in the front and I sat in the back to steer us and get a better view with her in my sights. It took a few minutes to get settled, but once we did, we had a nice little ride**. We paced ourselves well, paddling for a few minutes, then gliding (and Vine-ing) across the water.  We went under half a dozen bridges, stopping at almost every one to enjoy a bit of shade.

*To say the least. Every twitch, every movement, made me want to turn that thing around. I don’t even know what I’m so afraid of – I can swim. But I have always had this irrational fear that my feet would somehow get stuck in the boat if we tipped and I’d be doomed. Plus – look at that water. Do you wanna dive right in?

**It was seriously a blast. We got some amazing rhythm going and it felt powerful and fun to be propelling ourselves forward, getting a new view of the city that we’d never had before. We will be doing this again.


There were a number of other kayakers, a bunch of canoes and quite a few standing paddle boarders. Then there was a duck. In the last twenty minutes of our 2.5 hour kayak, we saw a duck announcing itself to a paddle boarder we were kayaking by*. Then, the duck decided it was time and hopped right up onto the paddle board and settled in for a ride. The duck rode for at least ten minutes**! It tickled us to no end. (Vine of the duck riding the Kayak) I snacked on a bag of pop chips, but Caitlin decided to hold off eating until we finished riding and got hit with a major case of dehydration/hunger***. A water and muffin helped give her the strength to bike home and now we can’t wait for our next kayak adventure****. I think we may even take the camera next time. Maybe we’ll even get a duck onto our boat.

*It was quacking like crazy, and I swear I could understand what was about to happen. He was quacking at the girl, as if to say, “OK chica, I’m gonna hitch a ride. Here I come. Don’t be scared!” and then circled her, and hopped right up!

**Probably even more! We hung around for a bit but eventually moved on, and the last I could see, the duck was still on the paddle board as we moved away.

***We timed it out perfectly, because right as we were standing by the little cafe near the boat rental place, I immediately knew I needed to sit down or I was going to pass out, so Zack was sweet enough to grab me water and a muffin so I could just sit.

****True that. The hardest part (literally) was that the seat I was in was not very comfy, so my bum ached very, very badly by the end of our not-quite-three-hour-tour. Next time, I’m bringing a cushion.


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