Royal Forest release “Spillway” and we all party down.

16 Jul


Two of my favorite local bands (who we are also lucky enough to call our friends) had a show Friday night in honor of a record release. Royal Forest is a band I’ve followed since college, when they were still known as Loxsly, and they’ve gotten better with age. They’re a psych-rock group with a pension for sonic manipulation**, which is the excuse I’m going to use for the “artsy*” photo of them that I took, above.

*And by artsy, she means drunk. It turned out surprisingly well, considering.

**I especially like the way Royal Forrest employs tape looping in their live set.


Your Friendly Ghost are our pals we met through Monte, because Tristan (the shredder you see above) lived with him for a spell. Since meeting the group, they’ve had a name change, a lineup change, and are now on Justin’s (the guitarist from Royal Forest) record label, King Electric. It’s been incredibly enjoyable to watch all of these musicians meet and grow and kick ass. Speaking of bands that keep getting better and better, I can’t wait for YFG’s album to drop after hearing their new songs Friday night. The second to last song, “Television” sounds like the hardest song Steely Dan never wrote. I captured this Vine of Wolfman (Tristan) taking one of many insane solos. 


To add to the fun, it was Royal Forest’s lead singer Cody’s birthday on Friday. Plus, the guys from Little Radar attended the show, and it was their bass player Grant’s birthday, too. Basically it was a big ol’ party where we might have had just a little too much fun* that added to the challenge of kayaking the next day, but we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

*It was one of those nights where one of us asks “should I have one more drink?” at the end of the night and the other says “well, I’d advise against it…” and then we do it anyway. For a rare change of pace, Caitlin was the one asking. 


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