The Way Way Back: Our Favorite Movie of the Year

17 Jul

The-Way-Way-Back-PosterWe didn’t plan on seeing this movie. Honestly, I’d never even heard of it until the day of*. We’d planned on seeing Brazos, one of Caitlin’s all-time favorite Austin bands, but an unexpected sell-out led us to make a plan B. Caitlin was especially bummed bout missing Brazos**, so I let her make the movie suggestion. She showed me the trailer for “The Way Way Back,” I saw Steve Carrell being a dick, Allison Janney being a drunk and Sam Rockwell being the man and I was sold.

*I was really surprised Zack hadn’t heard of it. He’s usually way more “up” on these kinds of things than I am. Thanks for making me cool, NPR!

**Yup. Brazos are no longer an Austin band, now that their lead singer Martin Crane has set up camp in New York. Thus, they don’t play as often as they used to, and I haven’t seen them in over a year. It was just bad planning on my part.

I feel a little silly saying a coming-of-age summer movie was my favorite movie-going experience of the year, but this is just a delightful film. Written by the two guys who won the Oscar for best screenplay for “The Descendents,” it’s full of stand-out performances that bring their wildly enjoyable script to life. The basic plot is that a 15-year old kid goes to a beach house for the summer with his mom, Toni Colette and her boyfriend, Steve Carrell. There, he finds a job at a water park, watches with a scornful eye as the adults get wasted and out of control and grows into himself. It’s hilarious, has tons of heart and is the best ensemble I’ve seen in ages. See this movie ASAP.


All I can do is agree with all of that. This movie was simply wonderful. The cast all put out top-notch performances, with Allison Janney and Sam Rockwell at the very top of the heap. This movie made me laugh out loud many, many times, and by the end, I was crying. That’s the kind of emotional roller-coaster I go for in a film. It’s sweet, it’s sad, it’s even a little devastating at times, but “The Way Way Back” is overall so satisfying and such a perfect length that you leave with that “I want more!” feeling that keeps your heart glowing. We loved “Frances Ha,” we enjoyed “The Great Gatsby,” and of course, “Before Midnight” was all kinds of perfection and my top choice…until this film.


One Response to “The Way Way Back: Our Favorite Movie of the Year”

  1. ceejayford July 17, 2013 at 9:24 am #

    Saw Toni Collette on Tavis and immediately knew I’d have to see this. Thanks for the additional motivation.

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