Rag & Bone – Issue #15

19 Jul

mariah furNo, Mariah isn’t carrying a small animal on stage. This is how she covers up her arm being in a sling. Classy, classy lady*. If you’ve seen her classic MTV Cribs, it shouldn’t surprise you that she dresses everything up in fur and pink. Or pink fur. In other news, Mets All-Star Matt Harvey doesn’t have to hide who he is, even die-hard Mets fans can’t identify him when he asks them about Matt Harvey. We’ve also got adorable kids restoring our faith in humanity and the worst pitch possibly ever.

*Seriously, why didn’t I think of this when I had a leg cast?! Genius. Glamorous, glitzy genius.

This is gold all the way through, but the dude wearing the Matt Harvey jersey and the kid at the end are just the best. I don’t know much about baseball, but I got a kick out of this video.

If this doesn’t warm your heart and make you realize how ridiculous racism is, I don’t know what will. Very, very sweet. I do not advocate being blind to race, because there are still just to many inequalities and hardships (or privileges) that come from the color of your skin that I think are important to recognize so we can work to equalize. Still, this is a really good check on what makes adults uncomfortable, and really begs the question – why?

Finally, Carly Rae Jespen is the worst at baseball ever. This. Throw.  Embarrassing.


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