Rag & Bone – Issue #16

26 Jul

RSVPI love a bit of wit where you wouldn’t expect it. This wedding RSVP may be a bit over the top, but it’s hilarious and gives you a feel for the couple getting married. It’s supposed to be a joyous occasion, right? Why not put yourself into all aspects of it. I imagine Caitlin and I will do something clever like this when the time comes*. Also this week in R&B, we’ve got the fake Daria trailer, the inter-connected Pixar universe, a couple of trouble making Texas Rangers and a boy and his dog.  

*For the record, Zack found this all on his own and shared it with me. Yeah, I was impressed, too.


Click here for video

Aubrey Plaza really would be a great Daria. It’s a shame that isn’t real. All that’s missing is her half reaching for an already passed volleyball. She does that in the trailer! She half-reaches to help up the girl who falls. This is PERFECT. WHY IS THIS NOT ACTUALLY HAPPENING?!!?


Wouldn’t it be cool if all the Pixar movies were connected in some way? Turns out they are. I can’t decide if I believe that Pixar really interconnected all of these stories, or if this fan just brilliantly weaved them together, but either way, this is pretty amazing.

Gotta love a good compilation of a couple baseball players clowning around. This video just confuses me. I can’t tell if these guys are actually friends or not. I asked Zack if they were friends or foes, and he basically just said, “Yes.”

To close, here is a dog and a baby over two years together. Dogs are just the best. I hope Scooby’s that good of a step-dog brother one day.


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