Rag & Bone – Issue #17

2 Aug


This is the future. Roll your own Oreo’s. Moreo’s. The future looks amazing*. We also dip into the past to re-create a classic Vanilla Ice and Arsenio Hall interview, check out a few dogs too silly for their own good, look at how messed up Willy Wonka really was and the bizarre world of spinning flamingos and cats and turtles.

*I want to go to there.

Is this a real flamingo? Was this music actually playing while it happened? Why did this happen? I don’t even need to know any of these answers. I hope it didn’t get too dizzy.

We love these “Arscheerio Paul” shows, but his new one with Schmidt from “New Girl” is just the best. SCHMIDT! This is just, so good.

These dogs are too adorably stupid for their own good. God love ’em. I don’t like where the Buzzfeed staff are mean to the dogs, but I do like everything else about this always forever.

There’s a reason they don’t make Disney movies about cats and turtlesThe fear the cat has of the turtle cracks. me. up. This is like Scooby and the vacuum.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 11.29.46 PMSeriously. How does that tour keep going? 21 more like this… And, despite these facts, I still dream of going to this factory. It’d be my dream world.


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