As You Wish: Alamo Drafthouse’s Princess Bride Quote-Along

7 Aug


The Princess Bride is one of the most awesome movies of ever. It stands the test of time*, is humorous and sweet and exciting and adventurous — it hits basically all of the best human emotions, wrapped up in a fairytale package. When Zack texted me that we could go see a Princess Bride quote-along last Friday, I was all-in immediately. We’d done The Big Lebowski quote-along a few weeks ago, and I kinda hated it**. I was not feeling well, in a grumpy mood, and had never seen the movie all the way through before, and so it just wasn’t that enjoyable. The other patrons didn’t seem that impressed, either — I heard some whispering lines that the Drafthouse didn’t highlight in the movie***, which seemed confusing. For The Princess Bride, our host was on-point immediately. Out of the gate, he explained that they were picking the theater’s favorite lines from the film, and encouraged us to say our own or even quote the whole film, if we could and wanted to. He encouraged all of the things the Drafthouse usually frowns upon: talking, texting, whatever. It was no holds barred, and it freed everyone up to get silly and have a fantastical time. I don’t remember the last time I giggled or smiled so much in a movie theater.

*I hadn’t seen it since I was like 10 years old. It super holds up.

**Out of your element.

***Life does not stop and start at your convenience.


The Drafthouse also provides props to movie-goers, and for this film, we were gifted a blow-up sword, bubbles, and a white bell. The sword was to be thrust into the air whenever a certain vengeful Spaniard graced the screen, and (naturally) during his big showdown, too. The bubbles were for the scene where *someone* floated magically down onto her horse after jumping from the window, and during the wedding scene*. Finally, the bell was to be jingled anytime there was a lovey-dovey embrace, and the crowd humorously included the scenes where the farm boy was being hoisted around** by Inigo and the Giant, after being killed and revived. Everyone really got into saying the lines, and actually said them in accents, which was amazing.

*Caitlin’s bubbles all flew directly at me. I was glad I didn’t have any food. Bubbles rule.

**The bell was the best prop. The crowd really enjoyed using them for comic effect.


I loved how you could tell which characters were the crowd’s favorites. Whenever something epic happened, we’d all cheer like we were at a sporting event, and it just filled me with happiness every single time. Andre the Giant is my favorite.


One of my favorite moments was when Inigo Montoya has his deceased father guide his sword to help them find Westley. We all put our blow-up swords in the air, as Zack documented in this Vine, and guided them along the screen. Don’t hate me. They said phones were allowed.


I was really pleased that the Action Pack (Drafthouse’s team that puts these things together) picked the quotes they did, because they really hit on all of my favorites. The bubbles flew back into my eyes, and I didn’t even care. It was practically a foam party up in there, but with bubbles.


This moment was, by far, the tops. The absolute best. The whole room got emotional, and as Inigo summoned his strength and went after his target, we all cheered louder than any part of the film. Everyone even stayed through the credits, and the characters who got the most love were easily Westley, Inigo and Buttercup. Oh, and Magic Max, too. The entire scene with Billy Crystal was pretty much laughed through to the point of high rowdiness. I usually can’t stand Billy Crystal, but even he is great in this classic.


If ever the Drafthouse does a Princess Bride quote-along in the future, I can see us attending again. It was a perfect evening that I’m still smiling about now. I’d say we need at least a year before seeing this same movie again, but I’d definitely do it again.


2 Responses to “As You Wish: Alamo Drafthouse’s Princess Bride Quote-Along”

  1. tapeparade August 9, 2013 at 5:52 pm #

    Sounds like such a fantastic night!! I’d love to go to a princess bride quote along. Have you ever seen The Room by Tommy Wiseau? It’s this complete mess of a film that lots of people go to quote and take the mickey out of, it’s fun. I have been to a South Park movie quote-along event before and that was so much fun! XX

    • Caitlin August 9, 2013 at 6:08 pm #

      I’ve never seen the full movie, but I’ve seen the trailer and clips and it seems like a ~masterpiece~ of disaster. I’ll have to check it out now! Thanks for the rec, Laila<3

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