Rag & Bone – Issue #18

8 Aug


In our most recent post, we muse on which great guitarist Scooby would be if he were a rockstar. But what if instead of the guitarist … he were the guitar*? Somebody somewhere thought it’d be a great idea of dogs just straight up replaced guitars, to hilarious effect. This week on Rag & Bone, we also have a middle school musical version of what Zack has called “the greatest television show of all time,” an imaging of what a second on the internet is like, a really unfortunate bowling mishap, lifelong pen pals, and more.

*I imagine a guitar solo mixed with a dog wailing here.

Alternate universe “The Office” seems to mostly uphold the casting of the show. Seth Rogen would have been a TERRIBLE Dwight, and Kathryn Hahn wouldn’t have been a soft enough Pam, but Adam Scott could have pulled off Jim, and Bob Odenkirk was alternate-universe Michael when Pam applied for a job near Jim. Yeah, I love Seth Rogen, but just no. I could see Hahn pulling off Pam and Odenkirk can do anything. And as much as I love Adam Scott, he’s better used on Parks and Rec.

Oh bowling. You cruel, cruel mistress. I cannot imagine how steamed I’d be if I were on such a roll (literally — ba da tschhh!) and then this happened. Nobody would want to be around me, I can say that for sure. Poor guy. Of course I’d be mad, but that’s an even better story than the 300, so I think I’d actually be OK with it.

Some of these crazy ideas didn’t thrill me, but others were just plain genius. Reverse eBay? I’m there! Reverse eBay kind of exists on Craigslist, but it would be cool if it wasn’t so sketchy. Green man weather attack is my style.

I can’t seem to get into Breaking Bad (and by “can’t seem to get into,” I mean I watched one episode that was particularly violent and gory and was doneso. Absolutely doneso.) But I can get behind this adorable candy-coated middle school version. We had her watch “Box Cutter” as her first episode. Oof. Big mistake. To be fair, we watched it live so we didn’t know it would be the most violent episode of the series.

These two pen pals wrote to each other for over 70 YEARS! And then they finally met in person, and the video is simply adorable. I remember pen pals being a big trend of the 90s. I wish it’d come back — I love getting mail! That’s too adorable. I wonder if them meeting up after all this time felt like they’d expected.

If you’ve ever wanted some help visualizing what kind of data transfers occur on some of the most popular social media sites on the web, this incredible imaging is just what the doctor ordered. 90% of those are from me.

Finally, we end with the cutest thing I saw all week. I want nothing more in life now than to be on a beach where I can have seals come cuddle with me, too. Mmm I wish we’d stopped on PCH 1 now when we saw all of the seals.


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