What rocker would Scooby be?

8 Aug

scoobyrockWe took Scooby for a walk around Zilker park last weekend and came upon the stage for Blues on the Green. Seeing both Scooby and the stage in front of me, I asked Caitlin, “What instrument would Scooby play if he was in a band?” We went back and forth between lead guitar and drums and possibly lead singer, but definitely not bass*. The game really got kicked up when we switched to which rock star he most embodied.

*I ultimately took back the notion of him being a drummer, because I feel like he can be too refined for that — he’s got a wild-child side to him, but that’s when he’s doing his solos. He’s too much for a stately fellow to only be a drummer. (Sorry all drummers I know! You guys are crazy in the best of ways.)bonham

Caitlin started by wondering if he was a Beatle. He’s got the sweetness of Paul in him and Caitlin was lobbying for George, but Scooby will never have a spiritual Indian period. Soon enough, I was locked in on Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham. He’s a wild man who is distinct and often regarded as the greatest of all time. I’m talking about both the drummer and pup*.

*Scoobs is definitely the greatest of all time. I don’t know enough about Bonham (shameful, I know — sorry dad!) but I was off of the idea of him being a drummer, so I fought against it even with my lack of knowledge.


Bonham collected antique cars and motorcycles. Scooby collects the stuffing from his toys. They both destroy things. Honestly, I still think this might be the best fit for him, but I do like the red haired rocker we came up with next.


Suddenly, it hit us both like a ton of bricks — I swear it even came to us at the same time. Zack said it out loud first, I think even a bit jokingly: “Yim Yames?” We stopped, and both of our eyes widened. “Oh my god…Jim James. That’s it! Jim James!” James is a WILD MAN when it comes to his guitaring. He makes huge, epic songs, but he also can be very silly, as I learned by watching Monsters of Folk interviews. He can also be a bit, cuddly bear, as I have made up just by looking at the guy. He vacillates between having a full-but-tamed beard & longish mop to straight-up ZZ-Top grooming. Most importantly, as I said to Zack: Every man and woman on this planet loves Jim James. Everyone! Just like our Scoobs. Hard to argue with any of that. I think the cuddly, lovable, wild man sums Scooby up darn well.


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