A lovely Wittbloom weekend

11 Aug


This weekend, Zack and I were eaten by a shark. Ha! Just kidding, of course. But we did attend my co-worker’s annual Shark Week party on Friday, and it was a blast. With shark-themed snacks (both “adult*” and not), good company and good conversation, we were even able to forget how lost we got inside of the apartment complex where my friend lived. Seriously, we wandered around for a good 20 minutes before figuring out where her building was**. We rolled with the punches, though, and made the entire weekend fun, relaxing and totally enjoyable.

*Gummy sharks soaked in booze was a nice touch.

**Flashbacks to when I was a sandwich delivery boy.


I was totally stuffed from a delicious dinner at Rio’s, but Zack and I both managed to stuff down a few treats from the spread my co-worker left out. In the top right corner, what you’re seeing are “sushi” treats made out of “rice” krispie treats (eh? eh? get it?), with a Swedish fish on top, and a fruit roll up rolled around. Zack can tell you how delicious I’m sure these were*, but I unfortunately did not get to enjoy the flavor sensation. I did throw down a couple life saver gummies, and I simply HAD to have a bit of the little guys on the bottom left. These were sand crabs, I think, but they were basically s’mores:  homemade marshmallows** (I know, right?!) with hardened chocolate around them, rolled around in some graham cracker dust. It was dee-licious, to be sure! The starfish gummies above those were also tasty times. The mud cake with the gummy worms in it ended up being used as a prop in this Vine masterpiece that Zack made with friends of my co-worker Meg. It’s an epic tale of shark versus worm***.

*Who knew Rice Crispies and Swedish Fish were such a natural combination?

**I didn’t know marshmallows could be homemade until this weekend. Bra. Vo.

***Spoiler: Shark wins. It ain’t worm week.


On Saturday, Zack and I swung by the one-year anniversary of Sigur Circus, a delicious and vegan-friendly bakery in our neighborhood, to try our hand at games and see what there was to see (and, of course, buy some cupcakes!) The ring toss was really hard, but Zack won me an adorable cupcake ring by playing the darts game with balloons*. We also tried our hand at guessing how many gumballs were in a little container. I counted the approx. number of rows and guessed at how many gumballs were on the bottom (I thought 19 up and 10 around), and then I buffered myself with a guess of 210**. The winning guess? 200. The real number of gumballs? 196. I’m simultaneously annoyed and vindicated. Finally, we also got to meet the lovely Anslee of Savannah Red, a curvy couture shop based in Austin that’s basically like a local ModCloth***. Post-Europe, I’m gonna head in and indulge in her amazing and adorable designs.

*I hit one balloon with a dart and missed on all six of my ring toss throws, but it was enough for a prize I suppose.

**I basically just doubled what I thought it would be, since I always guess way low on those things. My 425 guess was way off. Caitlin knew she was quite close on her guess.

***It was fun to see Caitlin get so excited about a local designer after having to ship so many things back and forth to Modcloth.

We went for a bike ride/swim at Deep Eddy, and rounded out our weekend with a little friendly Sunday bowling. I was feeling loose … maybe a little too loose*. But we had a wonderful time, and I feel totally renewed starting my week. That’s a perfect weekend in my book!

*Seriously watch this Vine of Caitlin bowling. It killed me. 


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