Rag & Bone – Issue #19

16 Aug


When we take the plunge and get engaged and take engagement pictures, we’ll have to be aware of Scooby photobombing. I don’t think he’d roll his eyes like this adorable dog appears to be doing, but he will jump in between us, especially if we’re hugging. He hates when he hug without him*. In addition to this photobombing dog, we’ve got the cutest baby panda and mom reunion ever, a way too elaborate Bar Mitzvah dance, an old man rocking Windows 95 MS paint and a loving tribute to Matt Saracen.

*Too true. He may not roll his eyes but I could see him either doing a big sigh, sitting in his “sad sit” pose, or mock-attacking Zack. He’s a protective guy, our Scoobs.

pandaThis baby panda is incredibly cute on its own, but when it met its mother for the first time, the cuteness is out of control! When Zack showed me this I think I passed out a little. The cute. Is out. OF CONTROLLLLLL.

When they introduced me at my Bar Mitzvah party, I came out to some song I can’t even remember and I walked out awkwardly. This new man just goes all out on his special day. He had to have spent more time on this than his Haftorah, but I have a feeling he nailed that too. I totally applaud how into this the kid is. OMG, the bows at the end with the pointing to people in the audience. He just has “cruise ship superstar” plastered all over him.

oldmanThe fact that someone’s making really cool art using Windows 95 Microsoft Paint is one thing. The fact that it’s a 97 year-old man who is legally blind is incredible. I was totally blown away by this sweet story. It kinda makes me excited to be in my later years — it shows that as long as you have passion, you can always be creating something amazing to share with the world.

saracenCaitlin and I watched all 5 seasons of “Friday Night Lights” together and she was always a big Matt Saracen fan, but when we saw him in person during the ATX TV Festival, whoa boy. She was crushing so hard. Here’s 24 reasons why she’s right to feel that way. He really is “the people’s boyfriend.” But can we talk about Tim Riggins in drag for a second? He’s a pretty, pretty girl, y’all. Texas forever.


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