Musical Bucket List – Part Two – Zack’s List

21 Aug


My list is 9/10 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees and one hip hop group who could find their way in one day. It’s painfully obvious that I was raised on 60’s rock, and then studied the history of rock as a minor in college. My all-time favorite bands are almost exclusively British Invasion bands and I still feel the need to see those rock legends, even if they may be a few decades past their prime. I feel lucky to have seen half the artists on Caitlin’s list and especially lucky to have crossed Paul off as my #1 to see with her.* On that note, I’m re-arranging my list a bit from the one we jotted down while watching that Paul Simon DVD. I may want to see The Who more than Bowie, but I know Caitlin would be far more willing to travel for Bowie**, so I have to take that into consideration. Let’s get into it.

*I didn’t even know McCartney was my #1 until after I saw him, and then I immediately wondered where he’d been all my list-making life. **Zack might be surprised. If Bowie were doing a Labyrinth soundtrack concert, yes, he’d bump up a number of notches;  but let’s be real, Roger Daltrey is a pretty man.



1. Led Zeppelin – I’ve seen Robert Plant sing with Alison Krauss*. He’s still awesome. I’ve seen John Paul Jones play with Them Crooked Vultures. He’s still unbelievable. I’ve only seen Jimmy Page in “It Might Get Loud,” but damn does he still have it too. And you can’t watch that 2007 reunion show without getting goose bumps when they kick into “Good Times, Bad Times” if you’re the kind of person who gets the led out. I would go anywhere and do anything to see Led Zeppelin. I genuinely fear they may never play together again. I know they aren’t Caitlin’s favorites, but she can get down with them** and I’d hope the experience of seeing them would prompt a lot more LZ listening to in the Wittbloom apt.

*Me too! ACL 2008, I think. Once again, Zack and I were merely ships passing in the night at that point.

**Oh I can super get down with the led. A band that incorporates Lord of the Rings into their epic music? All day!


2. Talking Heads – David Byrne solo is spectacular and all of his various touring partners, like St. Vincent, have been fantastic, but who wouldn’t love to see a Talking Heads reunion tour with the Stop Making Sense crew? I own every Talking Heads album on vinyl and especially hunt out live albums because they’re just other worldly live. Even the Talking Heads cover band we went to for my birthday a couple years ago was incredible*. Even if it’s just the core four playing one date in New York, we’d be on the first plane there. I don’t think it would take much convincing to get Caitlin to New York**.

*It really was. I’d almost rank that band among one of my favorites of just, like, regular bands.

**I saw the words “New York” and a packed bag magically appeared by the door. C’mon, Byrne – get me to the Big Apple!


3.  David Bowie – I really adore a lot of Bowie’s catalogue and am just so intrigued to see what his live show would be like. Would he still have awesome costumes? Would he play enough of my favorites off of Hunky Dory? What would the crowd be like? I really want to know. I feel like there would be so much to take in at a Bowie show and it’s one I just have to see.

I’m just not familiar with enough of Bowie’s music to put him on my list. I know that sounds insane/wrong in so many ways, and I would unquestionably attend a Bowie show with Zack. But whenever Zack puts strange Bowie tunes on mixes for me, it takes me a while to get into them (or else I finally give up and skip to the next one). Maybe this is a McCartney 2.0 situation, where Zack would encourage us to go and I’d listen exclusively to Bowie for the next three months.


4. The Who – I feel like I was the only one who thought they were great at the Super Bowl a few years ago*, but I do understand those who think they don’t have it anymore. It’s only Pete and Roger now and they hate each other half the time. Still, they play all The Who songs I know and love and Pete still does the windmill and Roger still swings his mic around and I can’t help but love it. They’ll do a Quadrophenia or Tommy tour and I’ll go to Dallas or Houston to see them next chance I get**.

*Wrong. I thought they killed it.

**I saw Pete Townshend speak at SXSW 2007, forgoing live music by indie bands I probably adored just to soak him in. I have a healthy respect for the Who and almost even put in a note about how I’d see them over the Led, but then I remembered “Immigrant Song” and “Stairway to Heaven” and “Good Times Bad Times” and “Whole Lotta Love” and “Ramble On” and Robert Plant’s muppetly-gigantic skull, and I thought better of it. But yeah – you would not have to arm wrestle me to see the Who.

The Rolling Stones Perform In Paris At A Secret Club Gig

5. The Rolling Stones – They don’t call them “The greatest rock and roll band on Earth” for nothing. Yeah, they may look like bags of leather and it’s amazing they’re still alive*, but they can still wail. I’ve always really really really liked the Stones, but they were never my favorite. But how can you say you’re a serious rock fan and not see them**. I haven’t had anything close to a chance yet, but I’ll have to make it happen. It’s the Stones***.

*I literally chortle-laughed out loud at this.

**Like so:  I’m a serious fan of rock and I’m OK if I never have to see these mofos.

***I mean, I’m not gonna say no. I’d go to this show, and I’d probably be vaguely, weirdly attracted to Mick Jagger for five seconds. The Stones have a very impressive discography in the grand scheme of discographies. I’m just going to leave it at that before I get myself in trouble by doing something sadly uneducated, like I did when I was 10 and proclaimed to my mom, “I mean, yeah, I get that the Beatles were good, but I think a real argument could be made that Hanson is better!” In case you’re wondering, she did not laugh in my face – she humored me, because she is a kind woman.


6. Paul Simon – I’m glad Caitlin now refers to Paul and means McCartney, but I do have all kinds of love for Simon. I don’t expect he’ll give us another Graceland tour*, but I’d see him do anything. I’d prefer solo than with Garfunkel, but I especially loved his most recent album, which would make me want to see him all the more.

*:( 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦


7. Fleetwood Mac – That handful of songs we saw Stevie sing during SXSW really did just whet our appetite*. With all members alive and multiple songwriters, there’s a lot to be said for this supergroup. I think Caitlin would end up loving it more than me, but I know we’d share a lot of lovely moments with Fleetwood Mac. And maybe it would push me to finally agree to a Stevie/Lindsay Halloween costume**.

*My god, just look at her, smoldering back there. What a fucking goddess.

**Even if we never get to see them, which I feel so certain we will, this costume is happening. It is happening. No one can stop me us.

Side note – Lindsay Buckingham looks like the dad from Even Stevens in this photo.


8. Outkast – It’s a shame that my favorite hip hop duo has been on hiatus since 2007. Big Boi is great on his own*, but these two really had something special when they were trading verses. Their “Bombs over Baghdad” was in the news this week when someone isolated the vocal tracks and we realized how incredible it sounded. It would be cool if Andre 3000 did something besides commercials and a rumored Hendrix movie. These two were meant to play off each other**.

*I know Zack feels this way, but I have been consistently underwhelmed by Big Boi. He’s always late, he never dances around much…he’s meh.

**I’d see this for Andre because I think he’s much more of a showman.


9. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – I’m a sucker for super groups and Neil Young is one of my all-time favorites, so seeing him with CSN would be a dream. I could see them headlining ACL in the next few years and only the eight artists above them (or Jack White) would stop me from camping out for their set*.

*Unless they were the only headliners playing that I had any familiarity with, I’d probably go my own way. Neil Young hasn’t clicked with me yet, except for on one or two very specific songs (and an amazing song that my favorite local band, Royal Forest, covered). This is probably the only act on this list I just purely would not see.


10. Pink Floyd –  I said I wasn’t going to count them since it’s either Gilmour or Waters, but screw it. I tried writing about AC/DC in the 10 spot, but I didn’t even convince myself. I really love Pink Floyd and even though I didn’t bother last time Roger Waters was in town, I really owe it to myself to go. I don’t know that I can get Caitlin to this one*, but I can’t hide my love of Floyd. I can’t wait to see how many of these we cross off together**.

*Yeah…I take back what I said on CSN&Y. This is another one I might have to sit out. Unless they just did some amazing over the top visuals that I could zone out to. And it’d definitely have to be a seated gig for me.

**Me either! We’ve been so lucky to see sooo many amazing artists to date, both together and separately. Our lists were difficult to make because we’ve had the opportunity to see so many of our favorites. I saw Leonard Cohen with my dad and younger brother Edward; I got to introduce my mom to Regina Spektor; Zack and I have now seen McCartney together twice and I also shared a third show with my dad; I’ve seen Sigur Ros twice and Jonsi once, and got to share 2/3 of those experiences with Zack…you get the picture. I hope we keep our lists updated for decades to come, so we always have something to look forward to, and so that we can keep track of the amazing memories we make.


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  1. Gene Teibloom April 26, 2017 at 10:01 pm #

    Glad to read ZHT acknowledges he was raised on 60’s rock. You’re welcome.

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