Rag & Bone – Issue #20

23 Aug

scheudI wish I could like this guy’s Facebook status*. I didn’t know the word schadenfreude until Caitlin and her dad taught it to me, but here’s 20 more great examples of schadenfreude. We’ve also got goats loving a yoga ball, a crazy sinkhole, Ask a Grown Man with Bill Hader, Paul Simon writing “Still Crazy After All These Years” on Dick Cavett and “40 Days of Dating.”

*My favorite is a guy who tries to push his dog in water…

These goats super love this yoga ball. Our immediate reaction was … we need to let Scooby play in a park with a yoga ball. Seriously. If he has half as much fun as these goats (which, who knew goats were so adorable?!) it’s going to be a good time.

It’s no Stefan, but Bill Hader is pretty adorable answering questions about crushes in a live “Ask a Grown Man.” Rookie is my jam, and they always get entertainers to be so real and raw because they realize they’re speaking to teenagers, and I think that softens them. Also Bill Hader is just the best.

This sinkhole is real and terrifying. There’s video and a full story. Be careful in NOLA. The fact that sinkholes are MANMADE disasters from too much drilling is really horrifying to me.

I was listening to a Nerdist podcast with Jason Schwartzman and he mentioned this Paul Simon performance where he played a half-written “Still Crazy After All These Years” for Dick Cavett. It’s as lovely as it sounds. It really is! I was so impressed with Simon – what a cool inside look at songwriting.

Lastly, the new Los Campesinos! sounds awesome and this 40 Days of Dating thing is occasionally maddening because neither of them is the most likable, but I still read all 36 posts and am curious to see the final four chapters. I cannot WAIT for new Los Campesinos! because that little clip sounds like it’s going to grow into possibly my favorite song of theirs ever. I was the one who stumbled upon the 40 Days of Dating site, and I agree with Zack – neither of these two folks are my favorite. But it’s interesting and really, really well-illustrated, so I kinda skipped around and enjoyed myself on the site.


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