Rag & Bone – Issue #21

30 Aug


This upcoming week, I will participate in my first paid fantasy football league* with Zack and a huge group of his family and friends. They all think I’m dead in the water, much like the gentlemen above, I hope I prove them all wrong and win the jackpot. This week, we’ve got a semi-depressing look at the differences in concert-going based on age, a super adorable family of coyotes**, a spoof on high fashion-meets-Kim Kardashian, and more.

*It’s already been an experience. From me pestering her to study players to finding a 10th owner and debating who that will be, the pre-season has been real. I do like our team names though. I’m Blunderbuss and she’s “The Lucky Punks” with a Daft Punk logo.

**They remind me that Scooby’s just a distant relative of theirs.


While I find many of these gifs to be phoned-in, the sentiments in this list of differences between being a concert goer in your 20s versus your 30s feels pretty accurate (and I’m not even out of my 20s yet). Yeah, it starts slow and gets progressively better, though it’s rarely accurate. I’m turning 29 this year and still straddle the line between wanting to go hard and taking it easy. Though to be fair we both had a “We’ll see how we feel” about tonight’s midnight “All My Friends” concert.


This is a level of adorability that is almost unreal. Yup, this is a momma coyote teaching her pups how to howl. One moment while I go rip my ovaries out and tie them into a pretty bow. The cutest. I wish we had pics of Scooby as a puppy! This is something I think about a lot.


This couple started a tradition back in 2005 of taking photos of their feet in all kinds of cool places. I love this tradition and hope Zack and I can come up with something on par, but all our own. Oooh, yeah. Maybe not feet, but something similar. I really want a theme like that for Europe trip. 


This piece on Monowi, a one-woman town in Nebraska, is lovely. Unlike the writer, I would not have ever assumed her life would be sad or lonely, though. Maybe it’s just because I’m used to small-town Texas and the vibrant lives people live in tiny cities, but I almost think there’s a closeness that you don’t get when you live in larger places. I want to meet this woman – she seems awesome! I’m not sure I want to actually go to there to meet her, but it’s a cool story and Rembert’s been killing it all summer on his road trip across the country. 

Often, when people come out with comedic takes on people from any given location/culture, it falls flat for me. This, however, tickles my funny bone. Comedian Casey Jane Ellison takes her parody so far outside of the box that it works beautifully. I’m sad this series got killed, but happy we have the episodes that we do.


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