Caitlin and her “Lucky Punks” Join the Fantasy Football World

5 Sep

luckypunksA little over a year ago, Caitlin expressed her interest in getting into fantasy football. She saw how invested I was in it and wanted to share in it. I was open to it, but skeptical*. She loves UT football, but has never been the biggest NFL fan** and didn’t know enough NFL players. Last fall we drafted a team together in a free league with strangers and named it Scooby’s Wittblooms. We won four games all season***. Caitlin got into it at times, but I more or less ran the team and reported back to her. This year, when a spot opened up in my “Teibloom family auction league,” she was the first person I thought of.  With $50 at stake, I knew she’d put in a real effort****. But would she prepare enough to draft a team she could be proud of? The night before the draft, she’d done little to no research*****, but when the draft started, she surprised everyone.

*This is exactly true. I was going to say something like, “Ha! Skeptical to say the least!” but I think to a T(eibloom), this was Zack’s stance.

**Growing up in San Antonio and Austin, there’s not really a big NFL league to follow. Plus even if there was, I could have “Spurs”‘d them and been all, “I hate everything that you all love because I’m a teenager!”

***It was pathetic. Our draft had gone solidly well, but we just had terrible luck with almost every match-up. Our guys would do well, but the other guys would do just a little bit better.

****The “free” aspect wasn’t what allowed me to slack last year, it was much more that I am a horribly sore loser and at a certain point when you know there’s really no hope, you lose interest. That said, while I expect to lose my $50, I’d certainly loooove to win it back and then some. And then I will spend it on clothes from ModCloth and the boys will be sad that that is where their sports money is going.

*****I’m an expert academic and my pre-test cram sessions coupled with my ability to retain information definitely helps me fake it till I make it in most situations.Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 11.22.35 PM

Caitlin (Lucky Punks) and I (Blunderbuss) took over this section of the draft, grabbing a ton of value.

What made this draft extra interesting is that it’s an auction, so instead of just going through and picking players one at a time, we auction them off. It forces you to implement far more strategy and also takes three hours. It’s intense. Caitlin sat tight for the first 10 picks, bidding on Longhorn Jamaal Charles, but not wanting to spend the $59 he went for. She made her first splash at pick 11 after topping me in a bidding war for Dez Bryant at $44. “It’s weird to see you two chatting without the blue and pink text,” one fellow drafter wrote after I said “he’s all yours, darling.” Caitlin continued to pick her spots and spent money while still finding value with Ray Rice at $49 and then back to back picks of Tony Gonzalez and RG3 for $12 and $15 respectively while I gobbled up three running backs and Gronk. I don’t have much to add here, except I was sad to lose Jamaal but I’d learned well enough how much to spend on any given player. Zack emphasized over and over not over-spending on one guy unless he was a stud who could carry your team, but $55 was the highest I was willing to go for anyone, and I never had to.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 6.41.27 PM

The draft was just what you’d hope for. There was the appropriate amount of trash talking and encouragement and a bit too much penis talk*. Caitlin even texted me “Omg this is so much fun ahhhhhhh” halfway through. We both ended up with strong teams, and even my friends were telling both of us that she out-drafted me the next day. We’ll see about that, but somehow, even with very little studying before hand**, Caitlin managed to pull off a better draft than at least half the league. And as luck would have it, we’ll play each other in week 2, while we’re in Europe and again in November. And hopefully again in the Superbowl. We’ll keep you updated throughout the season as we see how lucky these punks actually are. No one could beat the Blunderbuss last year.***

*Things you learn in fantasy football drafts: more than one person can regale you of your boyfriend’s bris. One of them even has video footage.

**It’s true that I spent way more time prepping for Zack and my upcoming Europe trip, but I think he takes for granted how much studying I actually fit in. I knew how to best approach things and I rocked it.

***You know I love you, babe, but as your boy Jackie would say, “I won’t let love disrupt, corrupt, or interrupt” my bid for the biggest prize this year. Game on.


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