Rag & Bone – Issue #22

6 Sep


We’ve got a lot of great feels* this week on the ol’ Rag & Bone. If you’ve got a hanky handy, you may want to whip it out. The above adorable reunion comes from this list of 28 peoples’ dreams coming true. We’ve also got the sweetest tribute to a mascot, adorable animated online mini-realms, the Beatles unplugged, and a song with a very philosophical question about how all of us speak from the heart (sort of).

*This one goes out to dog lovers.


Butler’s furry mascot, Blue II, passed away this week, so they did all kinds of heartwarming things to commemorate him. The video is absolutely heart-wrenching, but also one of the sweetest things I saw all week. Even as an IU fan, I couldn’t help but get teary eyed at that pup’s mascot life coming to an end. 


Sarah Silverman lost her dog as well, and she wrote him an obituary that is probably my favorite thing I’ve ever seen her do. It just goes to show how much our pups are a part of our lives. I know we’ll have to do something for Scoob one day (in about 20 years). Ahh I can’t think about it. 


Wouldn’t it be great if you could just change around your house by pressing a button? I’m guessing that’s how my dad feels this week, anyway, since he’s selling our home in San Antonio and having to do some fixer-upper work to prep. Anyhow, this adorable little animation is by Guillaume Kurkdjian, who has a whole host of others at this tumblr. Ghosties? Flying machines? All kinds of other entrancing loops? Check, check, double-check. I love the animation style on these. 

Here’s the soundtrack for the rest of your day. Seriously, if you ever doubted the pipes on any of the Beatles (who does, though?!) this is more proof that they’re just the greatest. Opening with Golden Slumber? Start the waterworks early, why dontcha! Geeze. Isolated vocal tracks can really show how powerful voices can be stripped down and lordy were the Beatles special. We’ve been getting caught up with solo Paul maybe a bit too much lately since we keep getting to see him live, but the Beatles harmonizing was just the best.


love this. It’s a collaboration between an artist and her 4-year-old daughter, and there are even more whimsical, imaginative artworks here. I think this is such a sweet bonding exercise, and quite honestly the art that has come out of it is stuff I’d love to have! I like that the mom was tentative about it at first, but the daughter and her made something special together.

Finally, I give you the piece of art about communication I teased in the opener. Because at the end of the day, all we really want to know is — what does the fox say? This video is exploding with popularity. It’s … something. I’m not sure I’m fully bought in yet, but Caitlin’s often ahead of me on these things lately. Enjoy and have a great weekend. 


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