Scooby Goes to Camp

9 Sep


With Caitlin’s mom being generous enough to offer to watch Scooby for two weeks while we’re in Europe, the least we could do was bring him to her. Caitlin worked from home Friday and arranged to be done at 3 so we could pile in the car with Scooby in her lap and a rickety back window that wouldn’t stay up and head up to Dallas. With Scooby digging his claws into Caitlin’s legs and cutting them up and my window rolling down involuntarily somewhere between 40 and 3,000 times, it wasn’t the most relaxing car ride*. But thanks to the awesome 90’s mix and 2013 favorites mix CDs Caitlin burned,  we made it to her mom’s in time for dinner*****

*Indeed. Zack was a champion, though, and kept pushing the window up as he was driving (he was safe, mom, I swear) and letting me complain every now and again when Scooby would decide he wanted to shift around a bit turning my legs to chopped up meat.

**And, truth be told, Scooby did a really, really excellent job. We didn’t stop to get out once on the entire three hour car ride. He was a trooper.

***Also OMG can we just talk about his smile in that photo, above?! IT’S MELTING ME!!!scoobychaseScooby had spent a weekend with Brown Dogg and Cinnamon before, but they still took some getting used to. There was some jaw snapping and chasing and the dogs weren’t the best behaved either. Once everyone got settled, we had some pizza and a well deserved beer for me and Dr. Pepper for Caitlin. It’s tough, because the little dogs want so desperately to play with Scooby, but as soon as they try to engage him, he immediately intimidates them and they react by snapping at him to protect themselves. Hopefully they’ll unlock the secret of playing together in the next three weeks!


When they weren’t climbing all over each other, the dogs were hopping up on the couch and getting close to us. Scooby got awful jealous when one of the girls would get close to us. He’s not the best at sharing his love*. But Brown Dogg didn’t give Caitlin much of a choice.**

*I can understand this trait, I’m pretty selfish with the ones I love, too. But I don’t growl and/or bite at the people who engage with my dearests (much).

**I am a dog lover, and dogs know it. They flock to me like some less-exotic version of a Disney princess, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.DSCN0276

Scooby was a bit on edge the first night, only spending an hour with us in bed before waiting by the door. We tried to get as much love in as we could with our pup, giving him extra belly rubs and treats. He was pretty distracted by having potential playmates in the house.


Before we left, we each put a well worn t-shirt in Scooby’s kennel so he’d know we were coming back for him. He has to know I won’t leave my Jack White shirt behind forever*. With heavy hearts, we got in the car with a fixed window, thanks to a heroic window rigging by Scott** and headed home. We’d occasionally look back and be sad he wasn’t asleep in the back seat. When we got home, I filled his water bowl absentmindedly, unable to accept that he wasn’t around. It’s already tough not having him around***, but knowing he’s safe and sound and well loved with Caitlin’s mom and dogs is comforting. A million thank you’s to them for watching our precious boy****.

*I love Zack’s sentimental choice of this shirt. I went with one that was kinda in the middle of my dirty laundry, since I figured it would have the most “me” smell on it. Sorry/you’re welcome Scooby?

**The glory of this can not be overstated. Seriously, he saved us. That window falling down all the time was an absolute nuisance between the hot wind beating on our eardrums and the overall warmth in the car from hot air getting in at all. Scott basically spent all of his Saturday working on this — we owe him some kind of Longhorn gear or something.

***It was especially difficult for me when Zack left for work Sunday afternoon, because then Scooby’s absence was just so very clear. I was all alone in the apartment, and while I used to relish in that kind of personal time, I am now at the point where I just can be without our fuzzball.

****Absolutely, 100%, we are so happy to know he is safe, well-loved and with his extended family. Enjoy your vacation, Scoobs!


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