Caitlin Loves ModCloth, Part 2

10 Sep


While Zack and I were in Dallas over the weekend, we thought it’d be the perfect place to try another photo shoot, since it offered up some different backdrops* to my new outfits. All three dresses are, of course, from ModCloth. The dress, above, was actually a gift from Zack that we decided would be my “Europe*” outfit. I can already picture wearing it in Italy, walking along the waterways hand in hand with my favorite*** (that’s you, Zack!)

*There are few classier backdrops than a billiards table.

**As soon as I saw it, I knew it was destined to be the “Europe dress,” and it looks even better than I imagined on Caitlin.

***Eeee it’s this week! I can’t believe it’s finally here.


My mom has this fabulous pool table in her and her husband Scott’s house, and she and I frequently get our butts kicked by the guys. Luckily, for the shoot, I was just playing myself for a few minutes. We didn’t even play this trip, focusing on Sequence instead. Caitlin was looking great fake playing.


This one’s blurry, but I felt I had to share because of the special guest appearance by the Scoobus. I miss this boy, a lot. Scooby tried to get into every shot, as he always does in photo shoots. Scooooby!



These sitting shots were my favorite. I just hope it’s OK I sat on the pool table for a few seconds! More than OK! Such a lovely shot of you 😉


You can just barely make out the earrings I’m wearing — I bought them at a vintage store here in Austin, and I honestly can’t remember what it’s called because I went to about 3 in the same day when I won gift cards to the shops. We have a ton of great shops in town, though! Caitlin has a lovely collection of jewelry she keeps on some really cool displays on her dresser. 


I got this dress on mega-sale from ModCloth last Christmas, and I never wore it because it hung like a bag on my frame. I wasn’t able to return it because of the sale price, so I just shrugged and figured I’d figure out something to do with it. I ended up taking it to Austin Alterations & Cleaners, where they brought it in just enough so it actually had a nice shape! Now I just need some swanky affair to wear it to. It looks so fab after the alterations and I love your expression in this one! I’ll take the hint on the swanky affair as well.


I bought these peep-toe black heels long, long ago, probably from Payless. They are the most comfortable heels I own by a million miles. I’m not the biggest heels fan, because giving Caitlin a couple inches makes her taller than me, but I can’t argue with how cute these are and she can walk well in them.


Zack decided to take a few “getting ready” shots while I was struggling to get my earrings in my ears. Without a mirror, for some reason I always have the darndest time trying to get these suckers in. Luckily, this close-up shows off my cupcake ring that Zack won for me! You can’t totally tell, but atop the blue frosting of the ring (which is glittery, by the way), there’s a red heart. Maximum cuteness! Eee this face is just the most adorable ever!


This is probably my favorite dress I’ve ever purchased from ModCloth. It’s called the Piece of Cupcake dress, and there are a million things to love about it in addition to the absolutely perfect name. Zack called me his “little cupcake” whenever I wear it, which is about the most precious thing ever. It’s so beautiful it should be illegal! I wish it was socially acceptable for Caitlin to wear this every day.


The skirt is amazing, with two layers of flowy pink goodness. The black waistline helps give it very flattering proportions. When I bought it initially, it was too baggy in the waist and bust, so I had it taken in and now it’s like a glove on me! Liiiiiike a glove.


The top is this amazing white eyelet pattern that is very fitted and solid. The whole thing just feels so well-constructed, I absolutely adore it.


I can’t wait to take some of my new outfits to Europe, but they feel perfectly at home in Dallas, too! Thanks, as always, to Zack for being so supportive and loving in letting me indulge in playing dress-up. My pleasure! I could photograph you in dresses all day my darling girl.


2 Responses to “Caitlin Loves ModCloth, Part 2”

  1. jessthetics September 10, 2013 at 12:12 pm #

    Gorgeous dresses! I especially like the first and second ones. Also, have an absolutely fantastic time in Europe, which countries are you visiting? xx

  2. Caitlin September 10, 2013 at 12:19 pm #

    Thank you so much, I know we will! We’re going to Berlin and Freiburg in Germany, Paris, and then Venice and Rome in Italy. I’m so, so excited:)

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