Pumpkin Patch Adventures

18 Oct

aacaitlinpumpkinsI wasn’t sure I wanted to go to the pumpkin patch. After Caitlin told me it was at a place that doubled as a Christmas tree farm that was super religious, I was a bit intimidated*. I just wanted to get a pumpkin. Maybe ride a tractor and go through a maze if it looked cool. I didn’t want to carve a cross into a pumpkin or I don’t know what**. It was also 40 minutes away, but when Caitlin told me how much she wanted to do it and offered to drive, well, what else did we have to do***? It ended up being a great little Friday afternoon activity.

*They really put “God Bless” everywhere they possibly can. On their sign, it says they’re a “CHRISTmas” tree farm…oof.

**I just laughed aloud quite hard at this. Maybe he can carve a star of David into his pumpkin? ***I have a little bit of farm girl in me from my grandparents’ farm when I was a kid, and I figured it’d be a pretty quick and painless trip that would have great photo ops.

aazackpumpkinsThey had a great selection of pumpkins (duh) which made for a nice photo opportunity. This particular area was in a barn which also had some picnic tables and a tractor that this one little boy would just NOT get off of, which made Zack sad because he wanted to sit on it.

aacaitlinhayrideAfter mistakenly getting on the wrong tractor with a bunch of little kids on a field trip, we hopped on one that led us around the pumpkin patch activity zone. One of us was super excited. HAY RIDE! FRONT SEAT! I was super excited.

aacaitlinhayride2Caitlin had just finished saying the word “awesome” when I took this… I loved the pseudo super-kid-friendly “haunted path” that we rode along with weird, kitschy decorations.

aahayridecoolI gotta admit, it was pretty cool. And the perfect amount of scary for Caitlin (not at all). Agreed. My adrenaline pumped a little when there were signs posted up like, “Turn back!!” and the like, but nobody jumped out at us so I was good to go.

aahayridemoreI stopped off here to use the bathroom. I didn’t notice the “blood” red stuff coming from the vampire’s head…weird touch.

aahayridemudThe path was a bit water logged after the rain, but we rode right through it. Tractors are pretty boss. I saw the tires sink in slightly so I thought, oh no! This is the part of the ride where we really do get stranded on a creepy farm! But yeah, tractors vs. mud pits? Tractors always win.

aahayridecaitlinlove Caitlin. Loved. The. Hay. Ride. I was even wearing my black cat Halloween-worthy earrings. I came to party, pumpkin patch style.

aapettingdonkeyI fed a donkey. The sign said he bit, but I risked it.  Her name is actually Jenny, and I love the way she’s leaning into Zack. Reminded me of the Scoobus.

aapettingllamaCaitlin was a little sad the llama didn’t come close enough for her to pet. He straight up left as soon as I approached him. All my llama best friend dreams, demolished.

aapettinggoatBut once she got to pet the goat and donkey, all was good. I don’t even think I ever got to pet Jenny, but this goat was SO CUTE so it was all OK.

aamazezackWe took a quick visit through the hay bale maze. Not the most difficult maze, but a nice little walk. They tried to make it sneaky near the end, but we weren’t fooled. It helps to be twice as tall as the bales. There was supposed to be a corn maze, but it turned into a hay maze because I think they weren’t able to grow enough corn this year:(

aapumpkinbuckleAfter we were done with all the activities, we buckled the pumpkins up. SAFETY FIRST, Y’ALL. (Guess whose choice this was? Oh, right. IT WAS MINE.)

aatractorrideThen I jacked a tractor and drove us home in it to get ready for the party. There was no room to park it in front of the apartment, so I sadly had to drive it back, get in Caitlin’s car and get back home. It was a roundabout way of doing things, but look how happy and natural Zack is on that tractor! We had a really enjoyable time in Elgin, and we’re excited to carve our pumpkins at our party tonight.


3 Responses to “Pumpkin Patch Adventures”

  1. jessthetics October 18, 2013 at 5:09 pm #

    Pumpkins are the best! This looks like the cutest little farm. I really like all the kids halloween themed stuff even if it is a bit strange, but at least they tried! It looks like you had the best time, and I’m jealous of your tractor ride. I hope you carved some very scary pumpkins! xx

  2. tapeparade October 20, 2013 at 9:01 am #

    I loved this post, I actually laughed out loud at the description of the religious pumpkin farm and also at the picture of the pumpkins strapped in to the car, just a really funny picture. I so love that the place is designed to go and spend time hanging out and looking around, we have christmas tree farms here in the UK but in my experience it’s always just a field of trees and one burly guy sat in a tiny shed at the entrance taking money. Would be a lot more exciting if we had places like this! XX


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