The Eiffel Tower is Zack’s Favorite Thing

23 Oct


We knew we only had three days in Paris, so I made it very clear that aside from eating stinky cheese and pastries, there was one thing we absolutely had to do as far as I was concerned. We had to climb the Eiffel Tower. It was smaller than I imagined, but every bit as majestic and fun to climb. A gorgeous, lace-like metal staircase that takes you high above Paris to have the city of lights lay at your feet. Of course this was going to be Zack’s absolute favorite place we went on our entire trip. I had no idea going into it, because I didn’t realize the extent of his bathmophilia*. However, when I saw him practically skip happily up the tower, I was glad that we could indulge in journey as well as the view.

*This “word” may not be in the dictionary, but if you Google hard enough, it means the love of stairs and climbing. 


As soon as we got off the train and the tower came into view, my face lit up like Caitlin’s does in a gelato shop that has stracciatella. I, on the other hand, didn’t quite know what to make of the Eiffel Tower. It was surreal to be standing in front of it, but I was worn out from my bike accident in Freiburg and still sore and a bit overwhelmed from everything, so I think I felt too disconnected to be deeply effected by it. 


When we arrived, we saw a line for tickets to take the elevator up and a line for tickets to climb the stairs. I insisted on the stairs and offered to pay for both of us to make sure we did it. Looking back now, I’m so glad we took these stairs. Though I was probably huffing and puffing at the point you see pictured above, I have a real sense of accomplishment about the whole thing now.


Clearly, there were no doubts for Zack. He ate up the whole experience. I seriously need to find a good set of stairs in Austin to climb on the reg. I couldn’t stop taking pictures and a two part-vine. Part 1


Zack even dropped in a few Euros to look through the telescope lens and focus up on some of the areas below. I’m not sure it was worth the two Euros, but I couldn’t get enough of the views from up there. 


A very nice American couple saw us struggling to get a proper selfie by the railing, so they took a couple photos for us. While you can’t see the city, I still love the warm embrace they captured. Spirits were as high as we were off the ground.


It is incredible to me how delicate metal can be made to look. The flowery spiderwebs interlocking together let the perfect sky peek through in just the right way. It was really gorgeous. We took endless pictures while waiting to take the mandatory elevator up to the tippy top. 


This was just before we made it all the way to the tippy-top*. Dizzying, no? *I seriously wrote “tippy-top” before reading Caitlin’s comment in the very next photo. Gotta love that.



This straight up shot was right before the elevator to the top. That elevator ride was a favorite Vine of mine. aaeiffel1

Some of these angles of the tower looked like butterfly wings to me. At first I didn’t know what she meant, but I can see it after remembering those butterflies we saw in Houston. 


We didn’t stay at the tower through to darkness, but we did see it lit up in the evening light, which was beautiful in its own way. When we return to Paris, we’ll have to go when it’s really and truly nighttime to take in the sight. Dusk was really cool, but a true night time visit is in order.


This is one of my favorite photos, taken from fairly low down on the stairs. You can see the tower framing a park below, like a postcard. It’s hard to take a bad picture from up there, but I especially love this one too.


Every side you walked to, there was a great view of the city. Seriously, a dozen totally different and awesome views from the tower.


You could look out over the Seine. But don’t swim in it. 


The mix of trees and water and city is so picturesque. And the buildings behind it too!


This park was just down below us. Spoiler: We found cool animals down there.


I love how you can see the shadow of the tower here. I’d like to say the whole city is in the shadow of the tower, but it’s not that tall and the city is massive.


More shadow-meets-city. This always makes me smile.


The circular shape that expands outward looks so cool — I love that it expands into the layout of the trees. Views for days.


Chalk this up to another thing I want to do when we return — I *will* face my fears and ride that ferris wheel with Zack!! Done and done! Caitlin was probably the only person afraid of the ferris wheel at Coachella. She did it, but was scared the entire time.


He was the happiest of boys at this tower. I know we rated The Colosseum #1, but I had the most fun here.


I played along a little bit, and I really did light up when the tower did. The tower is hard to resist.


Post-descent, pre-lights, I felt awkward amongst the crowd but I really love the way this one turned out. Mmm me too.


Zack mid-flight. It may be blurry, but I don’t care. I loved it!


Zack wanted to go take some photos of the ducks by the pond right near the bottom of the tower. So many duck friends.


In doing so, he discovered a beaver in the water! Hi, Mr. Beaver. Say what you will about tourist attractions, but the Eiffel Tower is a man-made interactive monument with a spirit all its own, and it’s totally worth a visit or three any time you visit Paris. I was nervous the beaver would attack the birds, but he was just getting a good view. But the best views were ours. Eiffel Tower forever. 


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