Tom Hanks Project – Film #1 – “He Knows You’re Alone” Preview

24 Oct


Welcome to the first preview of the first film in The Tom Hanks Project. Our plan is to post these previews every Thursday and post the review the following Tuesday. In each preview, we’ll post a trailer along with some reviews, trivia, and especially fun Hanks promotional clips. And of course, we’ll tell you our background with the movie, whether we’ve seen it and what we expect from our viewing experience.

When you think of Tom Hanks, you think of horror films. Wait, what? Four years before Hanks had his break-out role in “Splash,*” he briefly appeared in this 1980 horror film, “He Knows You’re Alone” as the 8th billed actor. It came out two years after “Halloween” and from what I’ve read, it borrows from it pretty heavily. Caitlin and I debated whether or not to watch it, but decided if we’re going to do the Tom Hanks Project right, we have to watch all 47 feature films he appears in.  And the clip below has his very first on-screen scene! How could we not watch it?**

*I am SO excited for “Splash.”

**Important things to note about me: I HATE horror/slasher/gory flicks. I am NOT excited for this one. And yet, I was the one to push for it because, as Zack said, we gotta go all-in if we’re doing this project right.

This movie has a 4.4 on IMDB, so we’re not going in with the highest expectations. I’ve never heard of anyone else in the cast and have never even heard of this movie until we started digging through Thanx’s IMDB page. We’ll buy the DVD of most films in the Tom Hanks Project (20th Anniversary DVD of “Splash” is in the mail) but for ones like this, I’m happy it’s available for free on YouTube.


Trivia: The shooting of the film was done in a mere 15 days, and the entire production process from writing to final cut of the film was done in four months. And apparently (hopefully) it’s not actually supposed to be that gory of a slasher film. I expect we’ll find it mildly amusing and our count of “how many times Caitlin covers her eyes from violence” may reach double digits*. If we do laugh out loud, I’m guessing it’ll be more laughing at the movie than with it.



  • Film rating: Given the crappy rating in IMDB and my own dislike of horror flicks, I’m guessing I’ll rate this sucker as 2 Wilsons out of 10. I think I’ll give it a 4 or 5 Wilsons. I kinda like slashers this time of year. 
  • Thanx rating: Tom is just a master of what he does. In watching the short clip of him acting in this seemingly terrible film, I do think he’ll steal the show, but you can only shine so much in a terrible film. I’m guessing he gets 5 Wilsons from me. I’m more generous. I’ll go 7 Wilson’s. How can Hanks be worse than a 7?
  • Times we cryHopefully none, because if I cry during this it will be out of fear and no one wants me to have nightmares post-viewing. I really hope it’s zero as well, though we do have this week’s “Comedy Bang Bang” saved to lift our spirits afterwards.
  • Times we laugh out loud: Hopefully three. I’ve seen some humorously bad “horror” films before, but even then I didn’t laugh too much. I’ll go six for me. I like to laugh at ridiculousness.
  • Times Caitlin covers her eyes due to violence: Easily 14. That sounds about right. I’ll go 13 for a slight under. 
  • Love interest believability: It seems like Thanx is dating one of the film’s stars, and they seemed cute together, but kind of in that “we’re still teasing each other” way. I’ll say 4 out of 10 Wilsons on this. The one scene we watched of them looked cute, but I hear he’s only in this movie five minutes. 5 Wilsons. 
  • How many lines we’ll be able to quote along with the film: None, since we’ve never seen it (unless they use some horribly predictable recycled horror film line.) N/A

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The entire movie is available to stream on YouTube, so feel free to watch it along with us:


2 Responses to “Tom Hanks Project – Film #1 – “He Knows You’re Alone” Preview”

  1. jessthetics October 25, 2013 at 6:48 pm #

    It’s definitely a slasher film kind of year! Aww, he looks so little 🙂 I hope you guys enjoy the film, I’m looking forward to hearing your verdict! x


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