Tom Hanks Project – Film #2 – “Splash” Preview

31 Oct


After suffering through a horror film, we’re back with the Hanks we know and love. The everyman who’s a great lover and brother and friend to all. I’ve seen this one three or four times, but it’s been at least a dozen years*, so I don’t know what to expect. I mean, I know the general premise that Hanks meets her naked at the Statue of Liberty and John Candy is his funny brother and she breaks the TVs by screaming her name**, but I don’t even know if they end up together. I watched the special features on the 20th Anniversary DVD, learned some trivia on IMDB and am now super excited for romantic comedy Hanks to make his first appearance in our project.

*I saw it once over a decade ago and only vaguely remember the storyline and outcome.

**Did not remember the breaking TVs.


    • Bill Murray, John Travolta, Chevy Chase and Michael Keaton all turned down the lead role*.
    • Producers wanted Hanks after seeing him on “Happy Days” fighting The Fonz. (Amazing video)**
    • Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Screenplay.
    • Budget: $8 million. Gross: $69 million
    • Candy was drunk during filming of the Swedish scientists scene.

*WHAT?! We all dodged a bullet with Travolta turning it down.

**This…is amazing. But, it’s no Drunk Uncle Ned.

Tom Hanks Press Tour: “Merv Griffin Show” Hanks is adorable, talking about how much he loved working in the Bahamas and kissing Daryl Hannah and shares the secrets of filming underwater and learning to SCUBA dive. He’s as lovable as ever. I realize I compare my dad to a lot of people, but some of Hanks’ jokey mannerisms here remind me of my dad!

We decided this will be the last time we predict the categories, since it ends up affecting our rankings. We end up laughing more or less, or at least thinking about it and wanting to be right about our prediction. I totally get in my head about, “Oh no, how many times have I laughed so far? Better hold it in.” That’s no way to enjoy a movie.


    • Overall rating – Caitlin: 7.5 Wilsons Zack: 8 Wilsons
    • Hanks rating – Caitlin : 8 Wilsons Zack: 8 Wilsons
    • Love interest – Caitlin: 9 Wilsons  Zack: 6.5 Wilsons
    • Times we cry – Both: 0
    • Times we cover our eyes – Both: 0
    • Times we laugh out loud – Caitlin: 3 Zack: 8
    • Lines we quote: Both: 0

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3 Responses to “Tom Hanks Project – Film #2 – “Splash” Preview”

  1. tapeparade October 31, 2013 at 3:30 pm #

    Ok I am so excited for this project as I love Tom Hanks! Are you covering all films? Also – you guys would hate to watch a film with me as I am notoriously noisy at laughing during films and prbably laugh out loud about twice a minute during most films. We just re-watched Reservoir Dogs and James was actively telling me to shut up…! XX


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