Halloween 2013 — Downtown and a Doodle Party

4 Nov


For Halloween proper, Zack and I headed down 6th street to take a look at other people’s costumes and see how many folks actually knew who we were. The night after, we joined our friends at the Doodle House to play games and make merry. It was a solid two days, but the best moment was on East 6th just past I-35, when we really got into character. The next night we got into character again, even though we had to dress in the dark as most of the East Side was out of power. Once we got into our costumes, we posed with a bunch of friends and then played a game where we had to become dozens of other characters. 


Much of our Halloween night was spent at The Brixton, where we ran into the Funkes, Lindsay and Tobias, and they agreed to take a quick photo with us. We started off at the Brixton, and then continued to head on down 6th street to see some of the madness of West 6th. However, we quickly realized that nobody east of the highway would ever knew who we were, plus the percentage of creepy guys not dressed up as anything, but wielding cameras* to snap photos of half-naked women, was about 80% to the 20% of anybody even dressed up. We quickly left and headed back east on 6th. As we headed back east, we blasted our Arcade Fire music through our megaphone, and then began singing and skipping down the street** as I twirled my ribbons. People high-fived us, danced around, and we even got a jaw-drop*** of recognition from a girl, and a holler out the window of a car from another. That was the coolest moment — we felt like we really became the band and it was a blast. 

*I know Dirty 6th is always full of creepers and is usually more of a nightmare than anything, but it wasn’t even fun to see costumes this year. The creeper numbers were way up and the funny costumes were down. 

**Highlight of the weekend. I was singing into the megaphone as Caitlin danced and twirled. So many people knew who we were and were excited about it. It was everything we dreamed of when we spent all the time on the costumes.



We stopped in at the Brixton again to hang out with our friend Tristan* (Pippy Longstockings) and his lovely girlfriend Abe Lincoln** (not pictured) before calling it a night.

*AKA Wolfman. 

**Babe-raham Lincoln.


The next night, we headed to the Doodle House to hang with Margot Tenenbaum… This is Dayna, who cut my hair into The Win! Note the wooden finger. Very nice touch.


…and the Silver Linings Playbook couple. It’s a semi-easy costume, but still very well pulled off.


Love this photo! Zack, still in character. Always in character. Though this party was a night to be in many characters. We’ll explain.


A serious “Margot” face and Ghost Dad on the TV. Not gonna lie, I’m kinda sad I didn’t get to see more of Ghost DadLooks like we’ve already got next Halloween’s spooky movie to rent figured out, then!


Laaaadiiiieeesss! I love this shot of Margot’s wooden finger, and am jealous of how comfortable Emily’s costume is/how functional it will be post-Halloween! Getting costume parts that have other uses is definitely a nice bonus. Dayna said she already had this jacket. I guess I’m glad I have those boots and jeans. Not sure I’ll wear the jacket much. I’ve never worn my Johnny Cash, Jack White or Kurt Cobain anything since the costumes.


The ladies took a shot in the middle of a game we were all playing…we lost the game. Coincidence? No one will ever know. The game was called “The Salad Bowl Game.” It’s a 3-tiered game of charades. You put about 50 names of celebrities into a salad bowl. They ranged from Barack Obama to Miley Cyrus, Ru Paul, Tiger Woods, Jack White and Michael Cera. In the first round, you can describe the person using as many words as you want. “She’s a drag queen with her own reality show” or “He’s the best guitar player of all time, red, white and black, was in a few bands, now mostly plays solo,” etc. Round two it’s just charades. Round three you can only describe the person in one word. It was really fun. The guys barely won. We had an awesome time. My only complaint is that I LOVE to be in character. I wanted to play songs from the megaphone and dance around and talk to people about Haiti. I’m glad we got that in on actual Halloween. This game was SO FUN and I intend to bring it back at future parties. For the record, Zack and I both submitted Obama into the pot which I thought was funny, and the other name I submitted was Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes fame.


Interlocking in solidarity. Notice how things are blurry? Caitlin probably saw things this way. She asked me to drive home before this shot. Safety first!


Lance Armstrong, a Ninja Turtle, I forget what Heath was (John Adams?) and “Thor” aka “Eric stopped wearing his Thor wig and was just Eric.” Heath wasn’t anyone specific, just an 18th century guy. (He’s a history teacher.)


Old schoooool. I really liked the Bill Belichick in the background. He had a laminated sheet and a headset and grey hoodie. 


Regine and a fellow musician, one of the Russian Pussy Riot ladies. As the party wound down, the wine and shot caught up with Caitlin, and she asked me to drive. I stopped drinking and was happy she was letting go a bit. She was totally fine, but as we walked to the car, it really started to hit her. On the way home, she was just saying the funniest things. “Why can’t it be Christmas!?” “I don’t want to throw up. Am I going to die?!” “Pinky swear you won’t eat my Milky Way!” “Can we pleeeease get ice cream tomorrow?!” All of these statements were said loudly through tears she couldn’t explain. She was in rare form. I’m usually the Halloween drunk, so I was happy to take care of her for once*. I’m sad Halloween’s over. I wish we had two-three more events to be Win and Regine at, but I still have the hair, so I guess we’ll just have to pretend that we are in day to day life.  Hope you all had happy Halloweens!

*Per the advice of my lawyer, I am opting to refrain from comment. Although I will say, thankfully(?), I remember all of this happening. I suffered mightily the next day.


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