Halloween Rock Couple #4 – Win & Regine

4 Nov


Jack and Meg White. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. Johnny and June Carter Cash. Zack and I had delved into all kinds of different genres for our past Halloween musical couples, and we had a lot of ideas going into Halloween 2013 about who we’d portray*. Originally, we planned on being Paul and Linda McCartney, with both of us growing out our hair and Zack growing an amazing ’70s beard in preparation. However, while I’d long asked that we try to be Win Butler and Regine Chassagne, the married front-couple of indie rock favorites Arcade Fire, Zack was totally against it because he didn’t want to do what he had called “horrible” Win hair, and he didn’t think anyone would recognize us. Flash forward to a couple months ago, when the title track and first single for the band’s latest album, Reflektor, was released. It was AMAZING, first of all, and secondly, it heralded a record release date of the Tuesday before Halloween. Suddenly, Arcade Fire was going to be as relevant as they ever would right around Halloween, and Zack had second thoughts** about the Win hair. It was settled — we’d be our favorite current musical couple of all time, with accessories to spare.

*The list is endless. Every year we have our friends try to guess and they never get it right, but give us a ton more options. We would have never thought of Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne without them. My gut reaction to this pairing is “yeesh,” however I will not lie to y’all:  I had love for Avril when she first came out, and it’d be fun to be her “faux tough girl” self. I’m also really pushing for Stevie Nicks & Lindsay Buckingham, and Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale.

**I still thought there was a good chance the haircut would look terrible on me, but it just felt like it was Win & Regine’s time to shine. 


In creating the perfect Regine, I studied up on the adorable Haitian’s style as much as I could. She regularly wore high-cut dresses with really intricate and beautiful and bold details on the top. She wore her signature fingerless gloves that were often sparkly, with beautiful cuffs (I’d ALWAYS wanted an excuse to get myself some of those, anyway). Her shoes were sometimes heels, more frequently cool boots, and I found a pair she wore in white that matched the black ones I got from Zappos perfectly — no laces, all buckles down the sides. Finally, there was the hair. My thin blonde mess o’ was just not going to cut it, so we headed to Lucy in Disguise, Austin’s most popular costume shop, where I told the guy behind the counter who I was going to be and he immediately brought back this spot-on wig that might as well have been called “The Regine.” Sold. Caitlin’s Regine was just perfect. She tried a couple other dresses at Buffalo Exchange and one was a lovely colorful, almost rainbow dress, but the sequins captured our favorite Haitian the best. The boots and wig were exactly right and she did an INCREDIBLE job with her homemade gloves and ribbons.


I also picked up the base of what become my fingerless gloves at Lucy. I didn’t take a “before” photo, but the gold-and-black sparkly gloves you see above used to have fingers, and they used to be elbow-length. They were lovely, sparkly, fancy evening gloves that were about to get a whole lot more rock-n-roll. First, I cut the fingers off most of the way, leaving just stubs like Regine often has. I used a trick that the Lucy employee told me, which was to put clear nail polish on all the ends after I cut them to proven too much unravelling. It worked wonders, and the gloves have continued to stay in tact. I should add that Caitlin was worried the gloves wouldn’t be right and was wishing she could return them when we left the store. I had faith she’d “Tim Gunn” and make it work. I love this boy for knowing what “Tim Gunn”ing something means (Make it work!)


At the craft store Michael’s, I went to the ribbon aisle to look for some trim I could put on the bottom of the gloves. I spotted the black lace first, which I knew would be perfect for one layer, but I wanted a pop of color, too. That’s where the bright neon-pink trim came in, which was long enough and different texture from the black lace so that I knew it would show underneath. Boom. I hand-sewed these bad boys on the wrist of the gloves, making sure to make enough room so I could still just barely squeeze my hands in. Gloves – done. It was a VERY tight squeeze when she first tried to strap ’em on. But it worked. Big time.


I practiced some of Regine’s dance moves and poses at home during our pre-Halloween-outing photo-shoot. The dress, which is FABULOUS and I plan on wearing in my normal life, is a steal from Buffalo Exchange — it was only $25! It’s flattering and fancy and so fun, and it’s exactly like something she’d wear. Seriously, this dress needs to be worn on the reg.


Here’s a better shot of the boots, plus our canvas photo of Win behind me. REGINE FOREVER.


Dance hands to show off the gloves, plus my lipstick. I got a CoverGirl pink lip stain that came with a moisturizer to seal in the color, and it really stayed on all night! I was very impressed. I think this is as good a time as any to say that our power went out while getting ready for the party and I had to hold up my iPhone flashlight as Caitlin applied her lipstick until it was perfect. It took a bit of time. There were some short nerves on my end regarding this catastrophe. But we lit some candles and did what we had to do. I thought it was fun for Halloween, but Caitlin was very much not amused.


Finally, I knew I had to have Regine’s signature ribbons that she dances with during “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”. I thought this would be the easiest part, but when I was researching online, I couldn’t find ANY adult ribbons that fit the bill. Back to Michael’s I went. I’m glad there weren’t any available online. The ribbons HAD to be hand made. 


Basically, I just invaded the ribbon aisle and bought tons of bright and shiny colored ribbons, making sure I got a couple with some sparkle to them. Regine is about sparkle above all else.


The ribbons up close. I tried to make them all about the same thickness, but with enough variation to make it look cool.


The part I hold in my hand is just a little basket. It was $1 each for the baskets, and they were just plain wood, so I bought some sparkly paint that I layered over white paint I already had lying around. After it dried, I simply tied the ribbons to the bottom slots (it was a semi-hollow basket that just had strips of wood running along the bottom, which I knew would be great for tying the ribbon on). I’m very, very pleased with how these turned out! I felt positive that Caitlin would bonk someone on the head with over-zealous twirling. Somehow, she didn’t and she completely pulled them off.


The biggest part of my costume was obviously the hair. I’d worn a wig for Jack White, Kurt Cobain and Johnny Cash, but that was only because I can’t get my natural hair to look like theirs. I was a little nervous that the haircut would look terrible, and less than a month before my 10-year high school reunion. Thankfully, we have a very talented hair stylist friend named Dayna who works at Birds Barbershop and studied up on “The Win.” Look at how good he looks!!! My boyfriend is a rockstar:D


Zack had the most extreme transformation. He went for the Win haircut with his own hair, and when he texted a picture of the ‘do to me while I was at work, my heart fluttered. I think he looks SO cool and handsome with this haircut*! I know it won’t stay around forever but I am loving it for now! He found all of the pieces for his costume by himself. He got the awesome boots, collared shirt and sexay skinny jeans at a thrift store**, and ordered the jacket online from eBay. It said that it ran large, but we had NO idea just how large — when he got the a medium, he was swimming in it*** and had to send it back. The one you see above? An extra small!! While it was still a little big on him, the style was great, as you can see when compared to the picture of Win behind him.

*I was just glad it didn’t look ridiculous. I don’t know if they were just being nice, but friends told me it looked better than my normal haircut. Maybe I just normally get bad haircuts. False. You always look great. This just has that Austin “edginess” to it.

**It was actually three different thrift stores. I got the boots at Buffalo Exchange when Caitlin got her dress. I got the jeans at St. Vincent on South Congress and the shirt at Capital City Thrift. I wish the boots could have made me a foot taller to make the difference between Win and Regine’s height more accurate, but they worked. Our friends said the boots and jeans could totally be worn any other time. If you say so! We all do. Especially those jeans. Meow.

***I thought surely the medium would be good. It was like a four year old trying his dad’s jacket on. Ridiculous. Extra small was still bigger than I’d like and I spent $30 shipping two jackets back and forth. Ugh!


You can see that Scooby was impatient with our photo shoot — he’s the furry blur in the bottom left corner. His tail also flicked into Caitlin’s ribbons quite often in the week leading up to Halloween. 😀


A better photo of the hair. SO COOL. Eric did ask me if I was a White Supremacist, but for the most part the hair was well received. 


Zack’s accessory was this killer megaphone that connected up to his iPod! We were able to play Arcade Fire songs all night long. So. cool. We didn’t play it in bars, but it was great for making entrances at parties and skipping down the street.


You can kind of see one of the two Haiti patches that Zack bought and I hand-sewed onto his jacket. And the mismatched shirt buttoned all the way up, a la Win.


Here’s a great look at the one on his sleeve. Arcade Fire do a lot of fundraising for Haiti, and Win likes to take time out of each concert to talk about why. (Because Regine is from there.)


Win and Zackwin — doppelgängers. I don’t quite have the hard jaw line Win does, but I think I pulled it off pretty well.


And finally, Zackwin with the Reflektor pumpkin I carved based on the advertising graffiti the band did around the country. You can see my ribbons just poking out from the left side. I really love how these costumes turned out this year! I couldn’t be more pleased. I think I had the most fun being Jack and Meg, because duh, but I think this is my favorite costume we’ve done yet! 100%. We’ll have to revive these costumes somehow in the future, they’re too much fun!


2 Responses to “Halloween Rock Couple #4 – Win & Regine”

  1. jessthetics November 13, 2013 at 5:54 pm #

    You guys, I don’t know how I missed this post! I love your halloween costumes, they’re so creative. And seriously, cuttng your hair for a costume is dedication! Caitlin, I love your curly wig, and your gloves are so cool 🙂 Avril and Chad would be an awesome costume too, think about how much fun it would be to dress up as Avril! I loved her back in the day xx


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    […] month after we dressed up as our favorite living rock couple for Halloween, we purchased pit tickets for their April show. We had five months to get hyped up about our 4th […]

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