Tom Hanks Project – Film #4 – The Man With One Red Shoe Preview

14 Nov


Another mid-80s Hanks movie neither of us have seen. From what I can tell, it’s a “wrong place, wrong time” situation where Hanks is thrown into some double spy type situation by happenstance and the woman put on the case falls in love with him. First of all, Princess Freakin’ Leia is in this movie. Secondly, a movie with a trailer that begins, “Why is everyone looking for Tom Hanks?” is going to be golden. I have very, very high hopes for this film. If Carrie Fisher was higher billed and Jim Belushi was lower billed, I’d have higher hopes. I have a feeling it’s really going to suck. The trailer didn’t hook me, but I’m at least intrigued.

I searched high and low for some kind of promotional interview or preview with Tom Hanks for this film, but none exists. I’m afraid that means that my very, very high hopes for the film could be very, very misguided. However, at this point, after the low that was Bachelor Party, I have to think we can only go up from here…right?

I think it’ll be slightly better than “Bachelor Party,” but this tidbit from IMDB’s trivia page isn’t too promising: 

Tom Hanks described this film as “Not a very good movie. It doesn’t have any real, clear focus to it. It isn’t about anything particularly that you can honestly understand. It made no money at all” 

Ouch. IMDB agrees that it wasn’t very good. It currently has a 5.4/10 rating. And he wasn’t lying about it being a flop. It only grossed $8.6 million total. Another gem: 

At six words long, “The Man with One Red Shoe” still remains the longest title for a theatrical fictional feature film starring Tom Hanks.

So, at least it has that going for it… We couldn’t even find any promotional footage, so here’s a great interview with Hanks the first time he was on Letterman, right when “Splash” came out. I kinda wish we were watching “Splash” again instead.

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