The Magnificent Roman Colosseum

20 Nov


Remember that time we went to Europe? We think about it often, even over a month* later. One of our favorite places from the whole trip was Rome’s mind-blowing colosseum. The iconic structure was an unbelievable five minute’s walk from our B&B**, so even though we only went inside once, we walked by it every day, and just soaked in the history it contained.

*It’s been two months, even though it feels like yesterday sometimes.

**We first came across the beast while a cab drove us around after midnight when we were stranded in Rome when we couldn’t get into our hostel. Even in our worried state, we had to admire the wonder that is The Colosseum.


While some parts of the structure have been renovated, there are other parts that were tread on by GLADIATORS, y’all! Gladiators. And people from a really, really long time ago. That stuff blows my mind. I need to show Caitlin “Gladiator” sometime, though the eye covering would be off the charts.


We couldn’t help but take a number of photos of the colosseum juxtaposed in front of the gorgeous summer sky. It was a perfect day. The sun coming down through the clouds felt especially epic.


That sand pit was where people fought to the death (eek), and the part behind it were the barracks (essentially jail) where people were kept prior to fighting for their lives. Brutal stuff. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!


Leaning with  my hip handset dangling from my neck. I liked having it — I learned quite a bit about the history of the Colosseum and it wasn’t that much more expensive. Yeah, I was happy to splurge on getting us each a headset for a guided tour. It wouldn’t have been as interesting without it.


Handsome man. You can see me in Zack’s sunglasses! A happy accident.


I wanted to shout down to the people, “Watch out for the tigers!!” I wish you had. That’s such a me move.


More inside views of all the inner-workings of the Colosseum. It’s falling apart quite a bit, but still very impressive.


I love how labyrinthine the place looks. I could also imagine that aspect being terrifying to people of olden times. It was terrifying to me. I got lost a few times.


We learned that the wealthiest folks actually sat closer to the action, and that (kind of like in today’s stadiums) up top were the cheap seats. Makes sense. I wonder if you’d get in trouble for crashing. Would they make you fight tigers if they caught you?


Certain leaders and VIPs even got their own engraved seats, which had to be periodically updated. You can still kind of see the last names engraved into the seats.


Appropriate open-mouth shot of Zack — it looks like the Colosseum is going to swallow him whole! Or vice versa.


I had no idea this entire day that my dress was unbuttoned at the top. Embarrassing. Ehh it was hot. Gotta let your back breathe.


Listening on my handset, looking very 80s somehow. Super ’80s corded phone.


I especially loved these views across to the more modern buildings from the Colosseum. That mix of old and new is what makes Rome so fantastic and magical. Mostly old, but definitely some new mixed in.


Zack peeking over the top of whatever this is. Oh, cello there.


And a big thumbs up for learning and history! Hi, it’s Zack Morris.


The ruins outside of the Colosseum were amazing, too. The structure being renovated is an arch they built just so that soldiers could walk through it after coming home triumphantly from battle. It took them FOREVER to make it. I never understood these victory arches. We won a war! Let’s spend the next three years building something to march through! OK, you go work on that, victory party in three years, woooo!


I forget what the pillars are off in the distance, but they looked too cool not to include. 


If you’re looking for a good starting point for your Roman adventures, the Colosseum is a good ‘un.  It is breathtaking, iconic, and you can really knock it out in about an hour’s time. We enjoyed exploring it immensely. I’d say give yourself an hour and a half to two hours to take pictures inside and out and get through the line and do the tour, but yeah, great first stop in Rome. You can walk to a ton of stuff from there. Tied with the Eiffel Tower for my favorite thing in Europe.


3 Responses to “The Magnificent Roman Colosseum”

  1. VisitSiena November 20, 2013 at 8:24 am #

    Viva Italia 🙂

    • Caitlin November 20, 2013 at 4:12 pm #

      Sono d’accordo 🙂 (I hope I’m saying that right!)

  2. jessthetics November 21, 2013 at 4:59 pm #

    The colosseum is amazing! It’s weird to think that the galdiators were really there and it’s not just a story. I’m glad you guys had a good time, and I think a month after a holiday is definitely to soon to think about not talking about it xx

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