Happy 5th Birthday, Scooby!

25 Nov

IMG_4128Our little guy turns 5 today! We’ve been lucky to have him for 1/3 of his life, and we’re looking forward to many, many more sweet memories*. It was another great year with our Scoobs. He celebrated his first holiday season with us**, took his first trip to Dallas to meet his dog cousins and had all sorts of adventures in Austin. I took this picture in the first hour after we got back from Europe. He loved his time with Caitlin’s mom and Scott and Cinnamon and Brown Dogg***, but he knows where his home is.  I expected pure jubilation on our return, but I read his emotions as more complex. He seemed like after three weeks of doubt, he could finally relax and know that we would never return him to a kennel or send him to a new home, as his previous two owners had done. Scooby knew then that he’s ours forever now. For his fifth birthday, we’d like to each write up five things he does that warm our hearts.

*I really can’t remember life before Scooby now, and I wouldn’t want to.

**He didn’t destroy our decorations! I was very proud of him for that. His tail hit the tree many times, but no harm, no foul.

***When they came to visit us later on, Scooby showed nothing but excitement to have his blended family all together.

5 Things I Love About Scoobs:

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 5.50.32 PM

1. That he lets me hold him like a baby – Scooby is an expert cuddler, and a very patient one to boot. He basically lets me kiss his sweet face, nibble on his ears, or — my favorite — hold him like a baby whenever I want to. He’ll be in my lap, and I’ll flip him around on his back and hold him in my arms, with his little front paws all curled up and him staring up into my face. It’s my favorite “bonding time” pose with my boy. That blissed out face of his kills me. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 5.47.05 PM

2. How expressive his face is (especially his ears, eyes and eyebrows) – If Scooby is surprised, confused, perplexed, or otherwise thinking you’re being a ninny, he’ll let you know it by raising his eyebrows, tilting his head, or just giving you that, “What, exactly, are you doing?” look. Zack and I are always commenting on Scoob’s beautiful eyelashes, but his eyebrows just make him seem eerily human sometimes. This is the face a human makes. This is not a dog. This is a human trapped in a dog body.


3. His Scooby hugs – It sounds crazy, but Scooby knows how to hug. It’s true! He’ll jump up on you when you get home, and grab you with his arms. When Zack and I are sharing an embrace, you can bet it won’t be long before Scooby barks at us a bit, and then comes over to jump up and join the family hug. When Caitlin and I are giving each other a standing hug, he’ll stay on his hind legs and wrap his arms around both of us. There’s no other way to describe it. He’s giving a hug. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 5.51.00 PM

4. His smile – Whenever we’re just finishing up with a walk before dinnertime, or heading out to explore a park, or going for a little car ride, Scooby gets this contented, happy grin on his face that’s priceless. It’s what won us over from the very beginning, and it makes us love him more and more each day. Caitlin always said she wanted a smiley dog. We sure got one. 


5. How he knows when I’m sad and needing extra snuggles  – Scooby is intuitive. He just knows what’s going on. Whenever I’m having a bit of a cry or just feeling blue, Scooby always seems to sense it, and he’ll immediately hop up in my lap and lick my face, or nuzzle his nose into my neck. Scooby is already very cuddly, but it seems like he tries extra hard to show me love when I’m down in the dumps. Dogs really are great at sensing things. To be fair, Scooby kinda got me injured twice (burned feet chasing him and gash on forehead while picking up his poop) and he didn’t notice. At all. Aww, I think he noticed. He definitely had that “I’m so sorry” aura about him after it happened. I don’t think he realized exactly what had happened, but he knew he’d done something bad. 

5 Things I Love About Scoobs:


1. The way he lays across Caitlin – Most of the time we’re getting settled on the couch in the living room, there’s a laptop open for us to watch something on Hulu, Caitlin’s sitting on the right, I’m on the left and Scooby is pacing and barking. Does he want food? To go outside? Sometimes, but 90% of the time he just wants me to stand up so he has a clear path to jump onto the couch and lay across Caitlin’s lap. He’ll even turn around, in my lap, as if he believes he is a dainty little thing, and settle in. I’ve ignored many a bedtime to spend an extra 30 minutes just cuddling with this fuzzy man.

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 7.36.59 AM

2. Inspector Sniffs A Lot  – Scooby’s awful cute when we make him sit or shake or jump up on a counter for treats (a must watch), but I have my favorite way of getting him the goods. I’ll coax him to the bedroom with a few bits of pepperoni stick, lie down on the bed and make him sniff me to figure out where the treats are. Sometimes they’re hiding in my hand, sometimes I’ll place them around me on the bed and sometimes I’ll put a piece by my ear or neck just so I get some extra Scooby loving. Click the picture to load video. I always know when this is going on because Zack giggles like there’s no tomorrow.


3. Tug of War – Scooby likes fetch, sure, but to him, the real point of the game is Tug of War. His favorite part of any game is to get a good grip on a toy or pair of socks and come up to you and dare you to pull it away from him. He’ll go after whatever you throw, but the whole time he’s coming back, he’ll just work on getting a tighter and tighter grip. Because to him, the game doesn’t start until  (More video here)  I always buy long-armed toys for Scooby so I don’t have to get as down-and-dirty as Zack likes to — I can just sit on the couch, multitasking.

4. Crazy Run – There’s a couple reasons why Scooby does his wild run around the room. The first is post-bath. I mean, he knows to shake off to get the water off him, but he also is under the impression that running around the room in fast circles will surely dry him faster than letting me rub his towel on him*. The other reason to run is that he’s so excited about his toys or so full of energy or agitated that the only way for him to express it is in a full-on sprint with reckless abandon as he leaps off furniture, weaves around chairs and lunges at anyone and everything in his path. No matter the reason, it’s always hilarious. And he’ll be especially cuddly afterwards when he’s all tuckered out. I’ve never had a dog do this before. It makes me wonder if he was some kind of show dog at some point, weaving in and out of obstacles on an actual course.

*Plus, I think he has a lot of pent-up energy from doing something he really, really, really does NOT want to do. He’ll fight us on the baths at first, but once you pick him up and physically put him in there and his paws touch water, you can feel his whole body just give up. It’s adorable/sad.


5. Relentless Cuddling  – Scooby’s a cuddly boy, first and foremost. No matter what you have planned, you better put it on hold when he decides it’s cuddle time. In this picture, I was in the rock garden, playing Andy in a game of Madden (see the controller in my right hand.) Scooby decided it was cuddle time, so he hopped up, leaned back, and got in full-on snuggle mode. I may have lost the Madden game, but I won the cuddle war. Without a doubt, this is the best thing about Scooby.


One Response to “Happy 5th Birthday, Scooby!”

  1. jessthetics December 3, 2013 at 5:24 pm #

    Scooby is just the cutest! That picture of Caitlin and Scooby hugging is so adorable 🙂 Happy 5th birthday Scooby! xx

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