Tom Hanks Project – “The Money Pit” Review

10 Dec

This is the movie that started it all. After an hour of walking around I ❤ video, we decided to try an old Hanks we’d never seen. We loved it*. Later that week, while sitting through Gravity for a second time in 8 days, I came up with the Tom Hanks Project and Caitlin readily agreed to join in**. It’s been great knowing we don’t have to stress about what movie to see. We can just cue up the next Hanks. This past weekend, we decided that since we’d seen “The Money Pit” in the last couple months, we could skip it and watch something else. So what happened? We watched 15 minutes of “Someone Up There Likes Me***” before deciding we weren’t into it and then put on “Pretty in Pink,” which Caitlin liked**** and I tolerated. Thankfully, we remember the treat that is “The Money Pit” well enough to review it and we’re nearing Hanks’ golden ’90s period.

*We enjoyed it heartily, anyway. We lowered our expectations going into it, and laughed far harder and more often than we expected.

**Watch a ton of Hanks films during the cold winter months? You bet I was in.

***SO BAD. Ron Swanson could not save this horrible, self-obsessed shit film.

****It was fine. It was no The Breakfast Club, but it was fine.  p_moneypit

The plot of “The Money Pit” is pretty straightforward. Especially compared to some of the other convoluted Hanks films we’ve seen recently.  Hanks and Shelley Long are in love and living together in a sweet pad, but the condo happens to belong to her ex-husband, who has now returned from a year conducting abroad and wants them out of his place ASAP*. Tasked with finding a new place to live, they look at a couple crummy apartments, shown to them by a shady real estate agent who has a heart attack while showing them around. In desperation, they’re taken to a large house that seems too good to be true. You’ll never believe this. It is. And dealing with this proverbial “money pit” will put quite a strain on their relationship.

*Really, he just wants Hanks’ character out. The overly-German conductor would love for Shelly Long to get back into his life.

The_Money_Pit_59713This movie shouldn’t work as well as it does. It’s a LOT of physical sight gags. Tom gets stuck in the floor. The bathtub falls through the ceiling. A turkey flies through the air*. The house more or less blows up. These kinds of scenes should be eye-roll inducing, but they incredibly all work. We had belly laughs all throughout. Objectively, I want to say the movie relied on these sight gags too much, but they truly worked. Click on the pic above for the best Hanks laugh ever**. The rest of the plot involves Long’s ex actively trying to win her back and a “did they or didn’t they” situation where she sleeps at his place, but can’t remember what happened. I have it as our second best Hanks so far, just behind “Splash.” 


**This was featured in Hanksgiving and made us all bust a gut.

The Money Pit 1

Laugh out Loud: Zack & Caitlin: 70 OK, I’m guessing on these numbers, since we didn’t keep track, but it was a high number. We really lost it at the turkey flying across the house, and pretty much all of the visual gags. I think this is a fair guess. It’s a really funny film, despite its cheese.

Cry: Both zero. Just a laugher. Nothing to cry about. And it doesn’t make you laugh hard enough to cry, although they really try to with the airborne turkey.

Cover Eyes: Both zero. I can’t remember anything close to a covering eyes moment. Not at all.


Romantic Interest: Zack: 8.5Caitlin: 7 Long & Hanks really clicked. I totally bought that they had enough love for each other to overcome living in that nightmare day after day, month after month. I was genuinely concerned for them when we weren’t sure if she slept with her ex and think they end up together in their inevitable dream house. Significantly better than every other film except “Splash” to date. I do rank this film as my second-highest and I do think the romance is closer to Splash levels than any other we’ve seen. However — I have to consider what’s to come. Is this Hanks-and-Ryan-level chemistry? I submit that it is not.

Hanks: Zack: 8.5 Caitlin: 8 Remember when I said that Hanks didn’t make “Volunteers” any better? He absolutely carries this movie from what could have been a goofy rom com to a genuine laugher all the way through, while still having charm and romance. Agreed. I think Hanks puts on a stellar performance, adding some nuance to an otherwise slap-happy comedy role. He’s becoming the Hanks we all know and love, really and truly and finally.

Movie: Zack: 8 Caitlin: 6.5 Really solid film. I regret not watching it again. In a few months, when we’ve forgotten more of the jokes, we’ll re-watch for an accurate laugh count. I think this is a fine film. I’m less enthusiastic about putting it on anytime soon. I definitely rate this film as the second best we’ve seen so far, but I’m just not ready to blow my Wilson load yet (remember how we started this rating system as “x out of 10 Wilson balls?” Yeah, I almost didn’t, either.)

Quick tangent: I’ve been in such a Hanks-buying frenzy that I’ll buy any good deal on them on Amazon Prime. I bought a 3-pack of The Money Pit/The Burbs/Dragnet and then later bought a 2-pack of The Money Pit/The Burbs and didn’t even realize until right now as I write this. I tried to return the 2-pack and Amazon accepted the return, but just told me to keep it, so first one to mention this story to me gets our extra, unwrapped copies of “The Burbs” and “The Money Pit.” T.hanks for reading. Nice giveaway, hon! Now maybe let’s have a better organizational system for all of our Hanks, huh? 😉

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