A Slow Motion Kind of Weekend

16 Dec

scoobyxmasCaitlin and I wanted to take it easy with a nice, slow weekend*. I picked up Rio’s Brazilian food and we settled in with the best surprise in the Tom Hanks Project to date and DVD sets of “Daria” and “Monk.” But what really made the weekend move in slow motion was that I got an iPhone 5s and was compulsively taking advantage of the “slo mo” video feature to capture our lazy weekend. Not surprisingly, most of the videos are of Scooby, but there’s some hot cocoa mixing and dreidel spinning in there as well. Here’s 10 under-20-second videos that captured our weekend at home with Scoobs.

*Everyone should have these kinds of weekends when it’s cold outside!

1. Scooby is a dinosaur: Scooby’s a snarly but harmless pup when he’s playing rough, but in slow mo, he becomes a ferocious dinosaur. You can see it in his eyes…he’s a beast.

2. Scooby’s bark becomes a roar: Even his innocuous bark turns intimidating in slo mo. I love the noise he makes in this one — he sounds so fierce!

3. Scooby wrestles his Chanukah toy: Scooby likes to celebrate Chanukah into Xmas season and looks like a bad boy as he swings his toy around. My favorite part of this one is that he manages to whack his toy piggie right in the face near the end of it. Maybe he’s a ninja and has just never told us?

4. Scooby leaping on the counter for a treat: Scooby got extra treats this weekend as I tried to coax him into doing interesting things. Victorious! Scooby always gets his treat.

5. Scooby chases a treat: You’d think Scooby would get the hang of this one by now. Not so much. He seemed to have such laser-focus on it as well! It’s okay, Scoobers. I have about the same grasp on my depth of field, as well.

6. Scooby jumps up for a hug: We once taught Scooby NOT to jump on people. Then we realized we missed this adorableness too much. The first time Zack showed me this one, we were standing around our living room and Scooby ran up and jumped up on us *just* as he was doing the same in the video. He’s got a sixth sense for cuddles.

7. Slo Mo Tangerine Toss – At first I didn’t want Scooby to be in the way, but he ends up being the highlight. Totally agreed. Please just watch Scooby and not me in my gross-on-the-weekends garb.

8. Scooby is a wind chime: The sounds Scooby’s tags in slo mo are great when he runs, but it fully sounds like a wind chime when he scratches his neck. Zack says wind chime, I say cowbell. Potato, po-tah-toe.

9. Spinning a dreidel: It’s not Chanukah anymore, but we still have the Menorah and dreidels on hand. Zack said I could go ahead and pack away the Chanukah wares but I insisted on leaving them out so any visitors we have are aware that we are in a multicultural home, and proud of it!

10. Mixing Hot cocoa: Caitlin made us an incredible hot cocoa Friday night which I’ll let her describe. I just know caramel sauce, alcohol and cool whip were involved. Seriously, y’all, it’s an amazing recipe. I’ve now had it twice in three days. You heat up 5 oz of milk, add in one packet of hot cocoa mix (no marshmallows, please), and then sprinkle in an ounce of butterscotch schnapps, an ounce of Kahlua, and top it all off with whipped cream and caramel sauce. I snagged this recipe from Kaelah at Little Chief Honeybee – girl knows how to mix a cocktail! She’s got a variation where instead of using hot cocoa, she drops in some Bailey’s for an extra adult kick.

If you want to see professionals with a slo motion camera, “Slo Mo Guys” is my favorite YouTube page. 


One Response to “A Slow Motion Kind of Weekend”

  1. jessthetics December 16, 2013 at 7:47 pm #

    Haha, I love all these slow mo videos of scooby. If i had a slow mo app I would definitely be taking lots of videos of my rabbit. The hot chocolate looks so delicious, it’s one of my favourite winter time treats so I’d love to try this version!

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