Champagne & Dinner at Mettle

6 Feb

catsproutsWell helloooo, there! On a windswept Friday night, Zack and I decided to mix things up and try a new restaurant that opened up just a few blocks down the street from us. Mettle is as far east as you can go on 6th street in Austin — it is right at the corner where 6th dead-ends. It looked really cool, so Zack and I were curious if it tasted just as good. Happily, we were very pleasantly surprised. The portions were reasonable but not overwhelming, the prices were upscale but not bank-breaking, and the service was friendly, fun, and very Frank* (shout-out to you, Frank!) without feeling like we were being hounded, and without forcing Zack to do the thing he hates most in this world: tasting the wine** before we drink it full-on.

*I think she means “Frank” like “let me be Frank,” not the gourmet hot dog place on 4th and Colorado. Also, our servers name was/is Frank.

**I’m not shy, but boy do I hate it when they pour me 1/6 of a glass of wine from a bottle and expect me to sip it in front of them and give my opinion. As I told Frank, “I drink $7 bottles of Champagne. I’m going to enjoy this. I promise.” And we did.

sproutsSprouts. Better than ours? Maybe. Better than Uchiko? Child, please. I agree with Zack on this one. The sprouts were delicious and a very different take than ours or Uchiko’s, but Uchiko still wins by a landslide. That said, make sure you fight over whoever you’re sharing these babies with for the crispy rice.

photo-27Why did we post the bread on here? Oh, I don’t know … maybe because it has MFing chocolate flakes in the butter! MOTHER. EFFING. CHOCOLATE. FLAAAAKEEESSS!!! Seriously, the butter had chocolate shavings and sea salt and it made the bread SO much more decadent. It was complimentary, too. Be still, my chocoholic heart.

cauliThis doesn’t look like Cauliflower, but it is. True! This beast is a pile of caramelized cauliflower, draped in quinoa, almonds and pickled cherries. This was my main course at dinner because I wanted to try a variety of eats, and while it was delicious, I’d say it was my least favorite of everything I ordered (which is seriously saying something).

cheeseThis. cheese. UNGH. So this is fried cotija cheese over a bed of roasted butternut squash, basil, and macadamia, with what appears to be a little more dusty cheese on top. Seriously my favorite thing I ate. Leave room for this beast. When Zack and I return for a champagne-and-dessert night, we may have to start with this. Yeah, this was too delicious to share much of, but Caitlin generously let me have a couple bites. I’m down for splitting it as an appetizer next time.

duckWhy do pictures get blurrier when you’re tipsy? Am I really shaking the phone that much? To be fair to Zack, we DID split a bottle of champagne. The duck was crispy and succulent and as someone who loves sauces, I enjoyed the spicy mustard, caramel and spiced butter to dip the duck in. Mmm.


When it was dessert time, we just drank champagne for days. So true. After this we walked to the HEB around the corner to pick up some toilet paper (because we are truly that classy) and we were stumbling and giggling quite a bit. As I mentioned in the intro, our fantastic waiter Frank took great care of us. He laughed along with us at the “please don’t make me taste the champagne” discomfort and told us stories of people who have actually sent back MULTIPLE bottles. He asked us how everything was, gave honest opinions about size of dishes and their deliciousness, and told us to ask for him specifically when we head back. We most certainly plan on it. If you’re in Austin and you’re in our ‘hood, you must stop by Mettle.


One Response to “Champagne & Dinner at Mettle”

  1. jessthetics February 6, 2014 at 10:55 am #

    This dinner looks super tasty, you’re making me hungry! Tipsy dinner dates are my favourite 🙂 I wish I could visit and try it out! xx

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