Valentines Day 2014 – Here’s lookin’ at you, kid

16 Feb

casablanca“Nooo! You’re not supposed to see me yet!” Caitlin exclaimed, as I whipped my head around to see her in her red Valentines Day dress early Friday morning*. She’d been getting ready especially quietly while I slept in on my day off.  Once the cat was out of the bag that she was wearing the red dress I’d gotten her last year, she knew how to proceed. “There’s a surprise for you in the living room,” Caitlin said sweetly, as she gave me a kiss and headed out to start her day.

*I wasn’t sure what I wanted to wear, but Zack had begged and begged me to wear a specific red dress, and even though I knew it’d be a bit weird to wear to work, I knew I had to do it for my man.

mahcandy I got up to find my favorite treats waiting for me, along with an incredibly sweet card.  I had a feeling it was going to be our best Valentines Day yet. dressAfter running a couple errands and watching the first couple episodes of “House of Cards,” I picked Caitlin up at the office for lunch*, with a stuffed animal dog with hearts on his nose in the backseat**, along with a bag of heart shaped candy***. We shared a decadent fudge cupcake and went to the fanciest of lunches. At Subway. What can I say, we just wanted something quick that we knew we’d like. Our sandwich artist was super excited that Caitlin had a red dress and I had my red Paul & John & George & Ringo t-shirt on and were celebrating our Valentines Day at the home of the $5 foot long****.

*This was such a fabulous surprise! I didn’t know he was going to join me at all, but I loved seeing him at work. It made my day go by way faster.

**He has since been named Tino.

***Zack doesn’t mean those horrid conversation hearts, either. He got me the GOOD STUFF – heart-shaped snickers, caramels, and more.

****This is the Subway I go to at least once a week by my work, so I know the staff pretty well. They’re awesome – fast, efficient, friendly. Everything you could ask for.

vdaymenuI biked to South Congress to get the freshest caramel chocolates available at Big Top Candy Shop* as Caitlin finished up her work day. When she got back, I gave her a bag of salted caramel covered in dark chocolate and we headed downtown to the Ritz for the “Casablanca” feast. We’d both seen the classic love story, but it had been at least a decade. I loved it more than ever, and we both agreed that Rick made the correct, albeit very difficult choice. The food was good, not great, as we decided Moroccan fare isn’t our favorite, but we enjoyed most of the wines and that just left more room for dessert**.

*The. Best. I can’t even tell you. Best caramels I’ve ever had – I’m not usually a dark chocolate fan but with the caramel being so milky and the sea salt being so perfectly salty…I just can’t even.

**I didn’t eat much of the first two app-like courses, although I did nom down some delicious olives, but I actually did really enjoy the main course for me, which was some couscous and tofu in a nice dressing. The dessert was the best though – champagne custard making friends with some chocolate and pears. There was some OK biscotti in there too, but I wish I’d just had gallons more of the custard.

giantboxI presented Caitlin with this comically oversized chocolate box after the movie. To be perfectly honest, we first saw this behemoth in Walgreens a couple days before V-Day while picking up a couple other things and Caitlin told me, “You can totally just get that for me now. It’s OK if the mystique of it is gone.” I didn’t want Zack to have to make a whole separate trip out when we both knew that this ridiculous honkin’ box ‘o’ chocolates would make me the happiest little Valentine in the world, so he sweetly threw down the money so I could stuff my face for days (I’d like to say months, but let’s all be realistic now, shall we?)

caitlincandyWe got home, took a couple pics and got into pajamas for cuddling and chocolate time. We had a bottle of champagne chilling, but were perfectly buzzed from the four glasses of wine with dinner*. And even though she knew it was coming, Caitlin’s loving her big ole box of chocolates. See the guide in her right hand? She’s methodically picking her way through the box days later. Now it’s Sunday night and we’re still picking our way through our treats, half watching the Olympics and still cuddled up on the couch**.

*The dinner drinks were fabulous – champagne, white, red and dessert wine. Mmmm.

**The perfect Valentine’s Day, indeed.


One Response to “Valentines Day 2014 – Here’s lookin’ at you, kid”

  1. jessthetics February 20, 2014 at 10:30 am #

    It sounds like you guys had the best Valentines day! I love that you exchange gifts and that you had lunch together at work. Me and James ordered too much Indian food and then passed out on the sofa, haha xx

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