Record Store Day 2014: The Small Haul

21 Apr


Zack and I had a plan for RSD2014. We didn’t want as many records as normal* — we had a distinctive list of things we were interested in, so we decided to show up at 8AM. The plan was, Zack would drop me off with some fold-out chairs, then he’d drive to pick up some bagels and coffee for us to make it through the morning. We were still about 160** people back from the front of the line, but managed to be let into Waterloo for the first rush of people.

*With Jack White’s event going on in Nashville and no Tom Hanks or Triathlon related vinyl to speak of, the only one of my major hobbies to be represented was a Muppets Movie release.

**I believe it was 173 according to the Waterloo counter, but we got in there pretty quickly.


Waterloo Records owner John Kunz and I wear our RSD shirt from the original 2008 event every year. 

While we were waiting in line, we were given the layout of the store so we could really plot our course. The game plan was simple: Zack would run* straight to the back of the store to grab the rare Spoon release (only 700 printed), and I’d run to the LCD box set, our most coveted item. Then I’d swing back around to nab the Bastille and Haim releases, and then Zack and I would meet back up to get Muppets and Conor Oberst and anything else we were interested in. We stuck to that plan, and while I was easily able to grab an LCD box set, by the time I circled back for Bastille, it was gone. I never even saw the slot for Haim, so I trudged back to Zack, sad to only have LCD in my hands. He’d been able to score a Spoon album and the Muppets soundtrack, and then we looped around so I could pick up the Conor Oberst 7″. We really were able to get almost everything on our list, but I felt like I’d let down the team in not getting the Bastille picture disc. Zack was quick to reassure me though, saying that picture discs never play well anyway, and the guy who cashed me out echoed this sentiment so I felt totally better and very satisfied with our haul. Overall it was another exciting and fun Record Store Day, and I was happy to support a business that means so much to me!

*Walk quickly. No running on RSD!

caitlinLCDOn the walk to the car, we came across this painted wall and had to pose with Caitlin’s rainbow Phoenix jacket and the big prize in our haul. When we got home, I bugged her endlessly to put the first LCD record on as she carefully set-up and took a pic of our haul. Once we finally got the first of 5 LP’s spinning, we were once again blown away at how incredible that final LCD show was and how beautiful the new mix sounded*. We’d been listening to a horrid quality rip of it ever since and this was world’s better. We got through about three of the 10 sides this weekend and will be playing it non-stop. We played both sides of the Muppet soundtrack and took out our ever-growing Muppet Blu-ray collection for our visiting friend Brett and gave Conor a quick spin. We still haven’t even gotten to Spoon yet**, but it’s cued up in our special vinyl shelf to be listened to soon.

*Jaw-dropping, honestly.

**I did! It’s the same on both sides, but it’s pretty excellent. Early Spoon is raw Spoon is good Spoon.

Even if we couldn’t make it to Nashville for Jack White’s once in a lifetime performance and fastest record alive, I’m glad it happened and that our friend Michael got to go and the lovely people at Third Man were able to document it and give us a glimpse of the day. Consequence of Sound did an even better job. Michael even snagged an extra “Lazaretto” and offered to trade for one of my Third Man goodies. Record Store Day will last all year if we let it! Cheers to many more.


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