The Boys’ First Easter: No Bunnies Allowed

22 Apr


Zack had never enjoyed a proper Easter before, and since the candy at Easter is some of the best candy year-round, I knew it was time to introduce him to the holiday. Zack is Jewish*, and I’m agnostic and questioning, so there were no religious ties for us, but I still find it to be a nice holiday for reflection and yummy treats. After (very) unsuccessfully** trying to get him in the spirit of things by showing him Jesus Christ Superstar clips, I decided to go right for the candy. 

*And I super appreciate Caitlin being so open to celebrating Chanukah with me every year.

**It went over about as well as if I’d tried to describe Doyle Brunson’s Power Poker to Caitlin. Just a blank look and zero follow-up questions.


I felt it only right to dress up in holiday attire. I had this outfit on for all of 20 minutes while I hid Zack’s eggs, he found them, he hid mine, and I went on a hunt myself. Then I immediately changed into PJ bottoms and my Bulls shirt. The zipper on this dress is the devil! The dress fits perfectly, it’s just a crappily made zipper. Thankfully we got it zipped up, since she looks so lovely in it. 


Zack really got into the hunt. I hid 6 eggs for him in our living room, and I tried to make it challenging but not impossible. He’d found them all within 5 minutes. I was worried I wouldn’t find them after I only had one a couple minutes in.


The sneaky “hanging on the lamp” egg. This lamp would be used again later.


I did the whole, “you’re warm, warmer, colder” clue-giving to help Zack along. This was probably the trickiest one, with tape on the back and stuck under the kitchen counter. Sneaky bunny.


Zack had one egg to go at this stage, and I just thought he looked adorable peeking around the apartment. This is when it really started getting fun.


In the vinyl shelf, of course! Thankfully no chocolate melted on the records.


A happy dance of success. Inside the eggs were Starburst Favorite Red jellybeans, Skittles, and a couple hard-shelled Cadbury chocolate eggs. Dancing my way to yum town!


What is that glowing light? The return of Jesus? (I don’t know how this works) It’s an Easter Egg! I just giggled at that description. It’s mostly just candy back there.


Scooby wanted to get involved! He definitely thought everything was supposed to be for him.

I didn’t want Scooby to feel left out of the fun, so I hid 6 of the “Scooby Snacks” treats that Zack bought for him at Target around the apartment in places I hoped his nose would find. We kinda led him a little bit, but overall he did a good job! At the end he was rewarded with a little dog toy shaped like a baby chick coming out of an egg that he’s been squeaking around the apartment ever since.


Caitlin had used a lot of the good hiding spots and I didn’t really know the rules, so I hid the last egg in my shoe. Caitlin wasn’t thrilled about food being in the shoes I run in, but there’s a plastic casing for a reason, right*? I had fun experiencing my first non DVD special feature related Easter Eggs. And as long as it has nothing to do with “Jesus Christ Superstar” I’m open to having this be a yearly tradition.

*Not safe enough!! Too close to the smell!!!


One Response to “The Boys’ First Easter: No Bunnies Allowed”

  1. jessthetics April 23, 2014 at 3:38 pm #

    You guys are so cute! Caitlin, you look beautiful in your dress. It looks like you had a lot of fun hunting for easter eggs, and I love that scooby got involved too 🙂 I’m not religious either, but it’s fun to spend a weekend eating chocolate eggs! xx

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