Rock Love Wedding: Getting a String Quartet to Play Sigur Rós

7 Sep

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I thought this would be one of the hardest aspects of booking our wedding*. Where do you find a string quartet in Austin? Is it reasonable to expect them to be able to play Sigur Rós? I thought we’d have to try to convince some UT orchestra kids. I underestimated the live music capital of the world. Caitlin found Terra Vista Strings almost instantly** and not only were they available on our wedding date, they got back to us immediately and already knew one of our songs! And they’ll even learn the other one for free, but we’ll need your help with that…

*Me too, 100%. It was so niche (we thought)! We didn’t even know where to start!

**Seriously! I just searched “string quartets Austin” to see what kind of luck I’d have, checked out their song list, and ba-da-bing!

Terra Vista Strings already knows our recessional song (Hoppipolla). 

Caitlin took me to see Jonsi on our third date and they’ve been a big part of our relationship ever since*. We went to Montreal to see them at Osheaga, have been moved to tears seeing them in Austin and have had adventures acquiring Sigur Rós Record Store Day vinyl, a signed box set, a Sigur Rós necklace, a Sigur Rós t-shirt that changes color in the sun and more. Getting Jonsi and company to come in from Iceland seems like a stretch**, but we’re confident Terra Vista Strings can pull it off.

*Zack was SUCH a good sport to go to this with me, because I get that gorgeous Icelandic melodies aren’t up everyone’s alley (although they should be duh). I was hopeful he’d love it, and it blew him away to my great delight. This was one of my big tests to see if we had a chance and he passed with starry-eyed colors.

**Jonsi, if you see this and you’re free, we’ll pay for your flight! And feed you! And you can stay in our apartment!!

Please Click here to like Terra Vista Strings on Facebook and then like Zack’s* post suggesting our Sigur Ros processional song “Untitled #3 aka “Samskeyti” on the left side of the page. Thank you**!

*I love that he referred to himself in the third person even though the text is blue. I almost changed it but it was too cute.

**Truly, thank you so much! Much of this wedding is coming out of our own pockets, so every little bit helps tremendously.


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