Tom Hanks Project – “Bosom Buddies”

8 Sep


We didn’t expect this show to be nearly this good. To be fair, it started a little slow, but once we got to the second disc of the first season, we were singing along to the theme song*, reveling in the catch phrases and falling in love with every character. Hanks is as funny as ever, as both Kip and Buffy, Peter Scolari was solid as his partner, and we couldn’t get enough of their boss Ruth**, the Scolari-adoring Amy and “Sunny, Sunny, Sunny, Sunny.”  We flew through the two seasons and we genuinely missed watching it in the month since we finished. There was the occasional dud, but 3/4 of the episodes were just a joy to watch***.

*Seriously. Every time. I quoted it all to a co-worker recently. It’s my new party trick.

**RUUUUUTH! SO many fist-pumping-the-air moments with Ruth.

***Season one is best. Just watch the first two episodes of season two and you’re probably good. No way! Season two continues to be awesome. 

Bosom Buddies starts with arguably the most expository introduction in TV history. OK, we get the point. They’re dressing up in drag, but it’s OK since it’s for a cheap apartment. The dressing up in drag story line comes apart by the start of the second season, as basically everyone in their life knows the deal, but the reveals, especially with Sunny, are priceless*. The show isn’t really about them being in drag, it’s more about two young friends trying to make it in advertising in New York in the early 80’s, balancing work, friendship and love. It’s sweet, funny, and a great start to Hanks’ career.

*We were SHRIEKING with laughter during this reveal. It’s so satisfying and outrageous.


Comedy:  Zack: 9.2 Caitlin: 9.6 Genuinely hilarious. It can be a tad corny or ridiculous at times, but the laughs were plentiful all the way throughout. It’s a nice mix of physical gags and sitcom hijinks along with strong writing. Hanks especially is hilarious, but Amy is hilarious as their co-worker who pines for Henry and Ruth is a tour de force as their fancy boss lady who knows how awesome she is. Scolari isn’t particularly funny, but Hanks plays off him well. I’d say Scolari has his moments, actually! I think we may just be a little turned off by him because of that interview with  him on the Hanks biography where he came off as such a sad sack “I knew him when though you guys!!!!” kind of dude.

Romantic Interest: Zack: 9.5 Caitlin: 9.3 It starts as somewhat unrequited love, but man does Kip love him some Sunny, and she loves him back by the end of it*. They have red-hot chemistry and we were rooting for them to get together so hard, it was brutal when we realize Kip has no home to take her back to (since he lives in her apartment as a woman). It’s never clear if they sleep together by the end of the series, though they are dating most of the second season.

*Ish. I think she kind of remains guarded till the end, which I kind of like! She’s a modern woman and she reserves her right to keep her options open.

Hanks: Zack: 9.5 Caitlin: 9.5 Seriously some of his funniest work to date and he plays the quick, goofy, advertising guy part perfectly. He’s not a handsome woman, but he’s endlessly charming and clearly a leading man in his first big role. He works perfectly with everyone from his love interest Sunny to his partner Henry to his boss Ruth and every woman in the building. It’s no surprise Hanks became Hanks after this lovely first role.

Show: Zack: 9.3 Caitlin: 9.4 We love this show. I’d highly recommend it to anyone, Hanks die-hard or not. 100%. This is a must-watch.

Watch the pilot below and buy the entire series for under $25 here.


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