Rock Love Wedding Ring

25 Sep


ringzWe’ve already gotten into the venue and the proposal and the string quartet, but let’s go back to where it all began. The ring. This ring took quite a journey before I put it on Caitlin’s finger May 23rd. My dad bought the diamond from “my jewelry guy Frank Pollak on 47th st. in NYC” in 1984 for my mom and promised it to me when she passed away. My sister had been wearing it as a necklace the past couple years, ever since her wedding, but when the time came to propose, she sent diamond along to our old family friend to get it appraised before Caitlin and I could find the perfect setting for it.

ring as necklaceSuzy sent us this picture of the ring, in its necklace setting, on her finger so we could get an idea of what the diamond looked like. Caitlin had been doing a lot of online research and decided she was set on getting a rose gold band and preferably one with vintage looking etching. I assume she’ll correct this description I just gave*. While there were some good options online, we wanted to check some rings out in person**. The first place we went was Calvin’s Jewelry. It was amazing. They gave us free champagne and had so many great ring options and they gave us more free champagne. Caitlin was in heaven***. We found one setting we affectionately called the “Eiffel Tower****” ring. It was perfect.

*On the contrary, that’s exactly what I wanted. (Although I do think you meant “engraving.”)

**I am SO glad we did this. I never would have known what felt the most like “me” without actually trying rings on. Plus, this was the first moment where our plans to get engaged and married started to feel real, which took our relationship to another level on its own.

***Truth. I never fancied myself a girly-girl when it came to jewelry, but SO MANY SHINY THINGS.

****We were still high on our Europe trip, and the basket (which you can’t really see in any of the pictures, so you’ll have to ask me to look at my hand) is kind of shaped in that famous Eiffel Tower shape, with legs all coming up to the centerpiece of the diamond.


As perfect as Calvin’s was, we wanted to check out one more shop*. Maybe we’d get free champagne again? Nope, it was a complete train wreck. I knew more about rings than the woman working the front desk. She had never heard of rose gold. She literally knew nothing about rings. We later found out her son was the head jeweler and she was just helping out. He was pushing 70, so she was quite the old lady herself, bless her. His selection was terrible. The ring he wore himself was hideous and the man was just plain embarrassing. He had us look on his computer for some other ring options and in his google window it said “Can I get health insurance after I’ve been injured.” Hoo boy. I got us out of there as fast as I could**.

*Just like with my dress shopping (which I’ll write about later), I feared that if I just went for my number one pick from the very first store, I’d have regrets.

**Zack was hating life in there. I wasn’t enjoying it much myself, but I hate hurting people’s feelings and I didn’t know how to get us out of the situation. It confirmed in my mind that our number one pick was number one for a reason.


Once we were locked into the “Eiffel Tower ring,” we* reached out to my dad’s college buddy “Teke.” I’ve known Teke my whole life. When I was a little kid, he’d tell me and Suzy “Candyland” stories he made up. It was quite endearing. He told us that not only could he get us the “Eiffel Tower” ring, he could get it for us at half the price. Once he sent us the picture at the top of the post (with a mock diamond in it) and it was the exact same as the one Caitlin fell in love with, we set the plan in motion**. Suzy sent him the diamond. He got it appraised and gushed over what a lovely rock my dad had picked out. He sent it to his dealer, Dale Robertson Jewelry, who set it in the “Eiffel Tower” and sent it to me in a box that lit up when you open it. I got it insured***, hid it in my drawer and anxiously waited until the day I could propose. The rest is history. Huge thanks to my dad for saving the diamond for me, to Teke for all his work getting us a deal, to his dealer for setting it so perfectly and Caitlin for agreeing to wear it forever****.

*Zack did. This is where I exit the story.

**I set it in motion by continuing to not be a part of it from here on out. I had the easy part, by far.

***Actually, this is where I re-enter the picture. got it insured on my plan. I’m still trying to convince Zack that apartment insurance is a good thing. I was actually pro apartment insurance once I got a nice bike.

****For as much of a punk as I can be, I’m forever grateful that I found my match who can put up with my punk-ness and love me for the stuff I’m made of. The sweetest proposal in all the world from the best guy I could have ever hoped to meet.


4 Responses to “Rock Love Wedding Ring”

  1. Catherine Ford September 25, 2014 at 11:58 am #

    Each time I read another of your pre-wedding stories I learn more and more about you both. Such a sweet ending to this post – you are both just lovely!

    • Zack September 25, 2014 at 12:01 pm #

      Well, thank you dear mother in law to be ❤

  2. tapeparade October 5, 2014 at 12:54 pm #

    Wah you guys, this is so adorable. I’ll be honest I normally hate wedding blogs but I think because I’m so familiar with your posts and writing style (writing voices?) by now as a long-time reader this is just really sweet. Also you’re clearly both mega bad-ass so it will be the best wedding ever. Huge Congratulations!! to you both and I can’t wait to read more. xx

    • Caitlin October 5, 2014 at 9:40 pm #

      Awww you are the sweetest, Laila!! Thank you for your warm and happy wishes<3

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