Rock Love Wedding Cake

4 Nov

triplecakeOne of our favorite treats during our trip to New York City this summer was Crack Pie from Momofuku’s Milk Bar. Consistently melt-in-your-mouth delicious and endlessly addictive, it was wheat-and-sugar-based perfection. We also loved their frozen yogurt* varieties, and I adored their Confetti Cookies, which were moist and gooey amazingness. They could do no wrong — so when we realized that they also crafted absolutely gorgeous, unfrosted-on-the-outside wedding cakes, we felt confident that we’d found our bakers for our wedding. First, we “had” to do a** tasting.

*The cereal fro yo is ridiculously good. I don’t understand how they capture that taste so well.

**Let’s be real. Caitlin wanted to do *a* tasting every month. It would be a great idea to have a monthly tasting it wasn’t $50+ for shipping

photo 1

It was expensive for them to overnight us the tasting kit — which itself is only $25 — from NYC, but so worth it. We were so excited to do our own personal tasting at the comfort of our kitchen table. We almost never eat at that table, but for cake … you can’t just sit on a couch. 

photo 2

It will surprise no one to learn that Zack and I are very methodical, so we tried to save flavors we assumed would be our favorites for last. As we went through the tasting, we paused between each and compared the notes we’d written down and number ratings Zack gave to each two-bite piece. Luckily we were fairly consistent in our ratings, which made it easier to arm-wrestle over which flavors we wanted to ultimately go with for our cake. We were pretty funny with it. Making the other person give their opinion first after we’d both jotted notes. 

photo 3

Even though both the box and the pretty wedding cake book that Milk sent to us very clearly describe the ingredients in each piece, we often went off of name alone, which ended up giving us many happy surprises and one not-so-happy let down. Read on for the verbatim notes we took, and keep in mind we wrote before we shared our thoughts.

Apple Pie – brown butter cheesecake filling, apple compote, pie crumbs

  • Zack: 6 – Fine, but not winner.
  • Caitlin: Delish apple taste, a bit “wintery.”

Banana – banana cream, hazelnut crunch, gianduja fudge

  • Zack: NO – 3 – Dressed down banana bread.
  • Caitlin: Dece! Like dressed up banana bread.

Pistachio – lemon curd, pistachio frosting, milk crumbs

  • Zack: 8.7 – Damn good, reminds me why I like pistachio.
  • Caitlin: omg. omg. So good!! Lemon kicks in right @ end.


Strawberry Lemon – lemon cheesecake, pickled strawberry jam, milk crumbs

  • Zack: 8.4 – More lemon than straw, but undeniably good.
  • Caitlin: So sweet + summery. Might pair well w/pistachio.

Pineapple Upside Down – coconut cake, poached pineapple, pineapple upside down frosting

  • Zack: 8.0 – So moist, but coconut brings it down.
  • Caitlin: OK – I like coconut which feels featured here. Not wedding material, though.

Salted Pretzel – stout ganache, burnt honey frosting, salted pretzel crumbs

  • Zack: 6.5 – Interesting, but nope. Not into it.
  • Caitlin: Really yum – ganache is nice + dark, but too dark for summer, I’m afraid.


Dulce de Leche – dulce de leche frosting, dulce de leche caramel, milk crumbs

  • Zack: 8.6 – It hits me in all the right caramel places. MORE!
  • Caitlin: Solid for sure, nice flavor of caramel, but cake not quite moist enough + probably too rich/filling.

German Chocolate Jimbo – chocolate cake, crack pie filling, flaky coconut, pecan crunch

  • Zack: 7.3 – Way to fuck up a good thing again, coconut.
  • Caitlin: So delish, the chocolate is perfectly rich, but even for a coconut lover the flakes take away here for me.

Chocolate Malt – chocolate cake, malted fudge, malted milk crumbs, charred marshmallows, malted chocolate frosting

  • Zack: 8.5 – Old classic, hard to argue, but not quite “it.”
  • Caitlin: Holy shit balls yeeeeessss!! (#1) went in w/fingers.

choc chip

Chocolate ChipI am going to refrain from writing the ingredients to this one at the top, because you have to understand where we were coming from on this one. All we saw was Chocolate Chip, and we thought, DUH, we’re going to love this. Then….read on for our comments, and the ingredients are below that.

  • Zack: 0 – FUCK YOU, WHY?!!?
  • Caitlin: WHY GOD WHY

Ingredients, which we read after tasting – passion fruit curd, chocolate crumbs, coffee frosting. WHO DOES THIS?!

Birthday Cake – rainbow cake crumble, sprinkles, vanilla frosting

  • Caitlin: Classic, light but so delish. Would offset heaviness of dulce + choco malt well.

Mint Cookies n’ Cream – cookies n’ cream frosting, mint cheesecake filling, chocolate crumbs

  • Zack: 8.2 – Very solid, but forgettable.
  • Caitlin: Really good, but a very particular flavor. The mint cheesecake stole the show, overpowered its friends.

Re-reading our notes, you might think we went with a particular flavor combination…but I’m here to tell you, we negotiated, talked it out, and this is what we’re doing:

  • Top, smallest tier – Pistachio
  • Middle tier – Birthday Cake
  • Bottom tier – Chocolate Malt

Though Zack and I both enjoyed the Dulce de Leche, we decided that the dryness of the cake and the heaviness of the flavor might just be too much. We are very pleased with the flavors we’re going with, because we think they’ll be delicious and just light enough so they won’t stop anyone from kicking it on the dance floor! This was one of the most fun things we got to do together, and I look forward to doing it all over again a year after the wedding* when we order an anniversary cake!

*Caitlin had the idea to order a new cake on our anniversary so we don’t have year-old cake taking up precious freezer space. I’m totally on board. The only question is which of the three will be our anniversary cake. Excited to share this triple decker with all of you.


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