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23 Nov

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Oh hey, we have a new website. is now live. Don’t worry, we’ll still be updating RLA regularly* but a wedding deserves its own website. And since we sent out the Save the Date last week, we figured we’d put a spotlight on the website it directs you to. We’ve had fun creating RLW together the last month or so, from our engagement shoot with Caitlin’s dad to seeing the progress on Edward’s comic up through writing descriptions of our wedding party and creating a registry.

*As in, this is still 100% our blog. I feel like that makes it sound like we’ll be keeping RLW up on the reg. It’s pretty much done at this point.

splitOur wedding photographer package* came with either an engagement shoot or pics at our rehearsal dinner and since Lance is such an expert photographer, we asked him to shoot our engagement so he could relax and enjoy the rehearsal dinner. Caitlin came up with a few photo ideas, starting with biking down 4th street near our apartment. Before we could even make it down the block, I swung my leg over my bike and … tore an enormous hole in my shorts. But that still might not be the goofiest pic of the day.

*I have to be honest, I thought Zack was going to turn this into a, “…but we didn’t expect THIS kind of package!” per the photo above.


“There will never be enough jokes for this picture,” my best man Andy Shore g-chatted me after seeing this. I’d like to hear some, Andy. All I see here is a boy who believes he can fly.
wb_5 Caitlin had the brilliant idea to have her brother illustrate the story of our relationship. At first we dreamed big, wanting him to draw our meeting story, our Halloweens together, adopting Scooby and our Europe trip. After it became clear how much time and effort and exquisite detail he put into the first one, we thought it would be ridiculous to ask for any more. The first draft alone would have been more than enough.  I was so moved that Edward agreed to my hair-brained idea, and I just knew it was going to be something special. I squealed with joy after ready pretty much every single panel.

WiBl_6Then we saw the final draft and we were blown away. Caitlin wrote up a script for Edward to use and he did a pretty incredible job of capturing Caitlin and me, in addition to our friends, and, in a surprise final page, evil Scooby*. You can see it all in the “Our Story” section.

*He’s not so much “evil” as he is the Beast from Beauty & the Beast. Those teeth are FIERCE but the heart is still gold.


When it came time to pick images for the wedding party, I did a terrible job the first go round. This is a rare pic of two groomsmen who only hung out this one night, but it’s hardly the best picture to highlight just one of them. Instead of going for pics that had both me and the groomsman, I picked a silly pic of just the groomsman. It came from a well-meaning place of nostalgia, I think. But I did have to shut it down. #bride-ed

britCaitlin let her ladies pick the image of themselves they wanted. As you can tell, they’re more flattering than the ones I picked for my gents. This is my gorgeous Maid of Honor, Brittany, after a stylin’ haircut.

You can see them all here.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 9.47.55 AM

We’re not a big traditional wedding registry type of couple. We live in a pretty small apartment and barely have cabinet space for the few kitchen utensils we already have. No gravy boats for us. We would like a few little trinkets, however. A personalized mixtape doormat feels very us, a pizza cutter, a couple Waterloo Records gift cards, and personalized glassware and dog pints would do the trick. You can see the whole list here. Mostly though, we want to start saving for a house and pay off our honeymoon in Belize. Oh, and we wanted to make Belize puns, since that’s our honeymoon destination. Are we grateful for everyone who will share in our wedding joy with us? You better Belize it. The night we wrote out our registry, we were doubled over laughing at our cheesy-Belize-y jokes. It made the whole thing feel “us,” which is what we’re going for with the entire wedding. Hope you enjoy!


4 Responses to “The Making of”

  1. tapeparade December 11, 2014 at 7:06 am #

    I just looked through the whole site last night after reading this post (I’ve been a bit absent on blog-reading lately!) and this is just such a wonderful thing, the whole thing; the comic, the page about your friends, the goofy/adorable photos, the fact that there is a website (genius), waaaahh it’s all just so adorable and lovely. I know we haven’t met so at the risk of sounding like a stalker/fangirl you two just seem so sweet and it’s so exciting that you’re sharing this with your readers 🙂 thank you 🙂 xx

    Also unrelated but the first bit of this post really made me laugh, Zack is writing these long paragraphs and Caitlin just chipping in with funny asides “This kind of package”, “I’d like to hear some Andy” etc. And it just really made me laugh. And I don’t know if that’s how you guys would be in conversation in real life but I like to imagine so. (I sound like a terrifying stalker, I promise I’m not). All the best for the wedding, I can’t wait to hear more 🙂 XXXX

    • Zack December 11, 2014 at 11:17 am #

      You’re so sweet, we really appreciate it and you don’t come off like a stalker, don’t worry. Usually I’m more of the one chipping in and Caitlin’s the paragraph writer 😉

    • Caitlin December 13, 2014 at 4:17 pm #

      NO idea how I’ve been missing your comments Laila but I love all of them and mostly I am just so glad you enjoy our goofiness:) We are loving wedding planning and all of our little day to day adventures, and it is such a sweet thing to know someone out there gets a kick out of hearing about it! Sending love from Texas<3


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