Happy 6th Birthday, Scooby!

25 Nov

scooby bday

I’ve never owned a dog, so I wondered if year six would be when Scooby started to act like less of a puppy. I mean, he is 42 in dog years now. Maybe he’d be a more chilled out version of his hyper self. Nope. He’s still crazy after all these years, our Scoobus. He still runs around in crazy Scooby circles after a bath or when he’s riled up and restless*. He’s still a fiend for treats and a cuddle addict. He still tried to run away at the sight of a horse**. He’s a rascal, but we sure do love the guy. Here’s our best pictures and videos of Scooby’s sixth year, but first a recap of our birthday celebration.

*Or whenever he feels like it, as he did today after much walking and treats and attention.

**This was under my watch and the most horrifying 20 minutes of probably my entire life.


Caitlin started Scooby’s birthday off with a special breakfast treat and took him on a walk this morning. When I got home I took him on a 5 mile walk by the lake and on the boardwalk. Clearly from this look he hated it. THE TEEF!


When Caitlin got home from work, we took Scooby to the porch and he anxiously waited while we hid treats all around the apartment. He was hilariously slow at finding them, but his tail was wagging like crazy as he tried and his eyes widened and he licked everywhere as he got this one off the counter. He managed to find a couple on his own, but for the most part we had to lead him to them – even the one sitting in his food dish!


I GOT A FOOTBALL FOR MY BIRTHDAY!  When I was picking out a present, I figured we’d probably had enough of the easy-to-dissasemble stuffed animals that he left in shreds within days, and he’d been playing with a little football of Zack’s most recently that he really seemed to enjoy. He managed to destroy it, since it wasn’t really meant for dogs (sorry, Zack!) but this one squeaks and I like that in the blurry picture, above, it almost looks like it has his name on it (it does not).


This is the oddest trait Scooby has picked up in his sixth year. He likes to hide his head or most of his body under the bed. His dog bed is at the foot of our human bed, so here he is ducking his dog head under our covers. Often he’ll lay on the ground on Caitlin’s side of the bed and wiggle as much of himself under the bed as he can. I don’t know if it’s that he feels safe being close to me, or what, but many a night now all I can see is his tail poking out from under the bed just under me. Silly boy.

scoobselfieScooby learned how to take selfies this year. He’ll take his little paw and tap the screen, but he won’t smile for the pic. So moody. Ok, fine, I took this picture with my extended right arm, but it totally looks like Scooby did it, right?

same lookThey say dogs look like their owners, right? Caitlin asked her boys to look at her and we flashed her the exact same look. Though Scooby is a total mama’s boy, he is 100% Zack in personality.


Scooby likes to be naked as much as the next guy, but it’s fun to put a shirt or outfit on him briefly from time to time. Looks like he tried to pop half his collar here. EEEEEE!!!!! SO CUTE!

coachCaitlin found a super cheap Halloween costume for “Coach Canine” the day after Halloween. Scoobs wore it more comfortably than most outfits we put on him, since it fit him far better than a man’s shirt. And he looked so darn adorable in it. I’ll put this on him at random and call them his pajamas. He even slept in them one night. I think Scooby wearing sleeves is the thing I find so damn adorable.


Scooby got nice and festive with Caitlin around the holidays last year. He doesn’t seem to mind the tie and he’ll wear the reindeer ears for very brief amounts of time while pinning his ears back before deciding he’s done with it. He HATES those reindeer ears. But yeah, the tie – he’ll wear.


This is not a happy camper. We like to call him “Princess Scooby” in a high, sing-songy voice because it makes his head tilt at the odd sound, but he just does not enjoy his tiara. We don’t subject him to it almost ever. I’m pretty certain it’s broken now, actually.


As much of a running around wild man as Scooby can be, he sure does love to recline.

backseat sleeping

On the way home from visiting his dog cousins, where he kind of, almost, not really went swimming.  He was SO pooped, and it was sooooo cute.

katie and gene

Scooby met Katie this year and got better acquainted with my dad. If you’re on the couch, prepare for your lap to be occupied.


He finally met Andy and got to visit with Jordy again. Again — couch = cuddles when it comes to da Scoobus.


Scooby was always excited to see Grandpa Lance, because he knew it meant a long walk was coming. Dad is famous for his moseys.


And rides in the car with mom meant new things to see and smell. He is by far the best car companion of any dog I’ve ever known.


But mostly he’s happy to just curl up in bed with us and beg for snacks. This boy! S’cuuuute.

scooby can't even

And get all of the belly rubs. Happiest of birthdays, dear Scoobus! We love you, sweet boy!!


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