Tom Hanks Project – A Second Helping of Hanksgiving

30 Nov

hanksgivingOur Thanksgiving begins and ends the same way every year. We start early Thursday morning with Caitlin in her pajamas at her dad’s house, gleefully waiting for Santa to come by on the Macy’s Day Float, as I anxiously wait to flip over to the football game*. Then, after two days of eating turkey and tofurkey, drinking Riesling and Shiner Cheer and enjoying card games with family and some record shopping, we end the holiday at the Alamo Drafthouse for Master Pancake’s “Hanksgiving.” OK, this is only our second year of “Hanksgiving,” but after we had so much fun last year, I insisted we go back, now that we’re so much further along in our Hanks Project.

*Zack was very patient this year, letting me watch until the very last parade moment.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 9.52.49 AMMaster Pancake’s head honcho, John Erler, hooked Caitlin and I up with free tickets in the center of the theater and offered to let me participate in the mid-show Tom Hanks Challenge. I decided not to defend my title after winning the trivia, impressions, big piano competition last year. I knew I could dominate trivia, but my “Forrest Gump” impression (with or without chocolates in my mouth) still stinks and I only won the BIG piano playing by being overly enthusiastic. Being the trivia expert sounded way more fun* and I wouldn’t even have to leave my seat. I brought DVDs of Hanks favorites to give away (“Saving Private Ryan,” “Apollo 13,” “Cast Away” and “Forrest Gump”) since we have them on Blu-Ray and Caitlin and I brainstormed two trivia questions we thought would be fun during our walk on the boardwalk with Scooby.

*Zack was way more popular than the contestants this year, getting applause for his knowledge on Mr. T.H., aka Mr. Nasty. Don’t make me cockier than I already am about Hanksy.


Question 1: Not Counting Toy Story sequels, name as many actors as you can who worked with Hanks at least twice.

We could think of six just off the tops of our heads, but got 10 with the help of IMDB and Caitlin had an incredible get of an 11th. The contestants only got the most obvious answer (Meg Ryan) and even the Master Pancake guys together could only get half. Answers are at the bottom, see how many you can think of without looking.

Question 2: Name as many movies as you can where Tom plays a father.

We didn’t get to this question, but it’s tricky since there aren’t nearly as many as you’d think. I guess that’s why we often think of Tom as an uncle.

Question 3: Hanks won two Oscars and was nominated for another three. Which three movies was he nominated for and did not win?

This was a question from the Master Pancake guys and I nailed all three. The contestants only got one or zero each. 

Question 4: Name the two movies where Hanks played eight or more parts

I knew the most recent one, but needed Caitlin’s help for the other since I haven’t seen it yet. A shame, particularly because of the time of year it is right now…

After the trivia, the contestants did half decent impressions of Forrest Gump with and without chocolates in their mouths and then they went for the BIG piano contest. This guy whose name I think was Aaron did a solid job after almost giving up and got the votes. He ended up tie-ing a birthday girl who did better in trivia and impressions and they each took home two Hanks DVDs. To be fair, pretty much all three of the people onstage were terrible at Hanks trivia. The gaming pool was weak. 


Photo posted on Master Pancake’s Facebook page by Isaac Moreno with the caption “Worst. Santa. Ever.” 

As for the show itself, I loved it. As they were quick to point out, it’s 90% the same as last year, but just as Caitlin can (and will) watch “You’ve Got Mail” three times a year and still laugh at the same jokes and tear up, I found myself laughing at tons of the same jokes, forgetting I’d heard them a year ago. Here are the 5 moments of the show I was most T.hankful for: 

  1. The garble, garble noises the guys made every time Hanks’ son appears on screen in “Sleepless in Seattle” YES. This is the best thing.
  2. The mouse squishing scene in Green Mile. When they make Mr. Jangles get squished a second time, the crowd completely loses it. Caitlin closed her eyes and held my hand through the entire scene, but ended up laughing quite a bit. It made it easier that I knew what was coming this year. Last year I just had to have my guts twist in my belly while I watched a cute lil mouse get squished.
  3. When they get to Hanks’ motel room in Big and one of the guys joked about it being Scott Stapp manor. 😦 Too soon, y’all.
  4. Hanks’ peeing montage, culminating in the big payoff of that sweet relief “Green Mile” pee. 
  5. Horse erotica in “Nothing in Common.” It’s so out of place in an otherwise damn good movie. Still one of the most confusing cinematic moments we’ve come across, and we’ve seen Joe Vs The Volcano.

I know it can be repetitive to see the same show every year, but hey, we see “It’s a Wonderful Life” every year and it never gets old. I know I’d sure be t.hanks-ful if we could make it to this show every year.

Trivia answers:

  1. Actors who have worked with Tom two or more times: Meg Ryan, Rita Wilson, Carrie Fisher, Rosie O’Donnell, Steve Zahn, Gary Sinise, Sally Field, John Candy,  Barry Pepper, Julia Roberts, Dabney Coleman (Coleman was the “big get” Zack was talking about, because as soon as I saw him in a clip from The Man With One Red Shoe I turned to Zack and said, “It’s the dad from You’ve Got Mail!!” He insisted I was wrong so I finally pulled my phone out and showed Zack my IMDB proof. Boom. **UPDATE Twitter user @SirJesusChrist let us know that Amy Adams was in both Charlie Wilsons War and Catch me if you Can and Paul Giamatti is in Saving Mr Banks and Saving Private Ryan.
  2. Movies where Tom plays a father: Radio Flyer, The Burbs, Forrest Gump, Road to Perdition, Sleepless in Seattle, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
  3. Movies Hanks was nominated for, but lost: Saving Private Ryan, Cast Away, Big
  4.  Movies where Hanks played eight or more characters: Cloud Atlas & Polar Express



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