A Very Wittbloom Christmas – The Fifth Edition

31 Dec


When I wrote the title of this post, I had to count twice to be sure I was counting accurately. Yes, this was the fifth* Christmas that Zack and I celebrated, and I’d say his excitement level in participating in the tradition of this gift-giving holiday with me is rising back to levels close to where it was five years ago! Every year, Zack embraces a little bit more: our annual viewing of It’s a Wonderful Life**, our adding at least one ornament to the tree each year, a day lounging in pajamas and opening stockings filled to bursting with delicious candy. There’s a lot to love, the most of which is the aspect of sharing the holiday with your closest family and friends. While we only got to spend Christmas Eve with two of my favorite other guys in the world (my dad and brother), Zack and I still had a quieter, but just-as-cheery*** Christmas this year.

*It is wild that we’ve now had five Halloween couples costumes, Thanksgivings and Christmas’ together, even though we’ve only been together a little more than four years.

**I went a little overboard, calling it my favorite movie at one point. I won’t go that far, but my new life goal really is to be the George Bailey of Austin.

***Even though we both had to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we made the most of the holiday.

The initial plan was to meet my dad and brother, Edward, at Mother’s Cafe, one of our favorite vegetarian-and-vegan-friendly Austin haunts. Sadly, when we called ahead we discovered our treasured restaurant would be closed for Christmas Eve, so we quickly changed plans to having everyone come to the Wittbloom abode for baked potatoes and salad, the easiest things to throw together at the last minute. After guzzling down the food with some Riesling, and before going to town on some ice cream (including a soy option for Edward), we split into our traditional teams for round two of the Sibs versus the Runs* (they named themselves, people, I can’t make this stuff up) in Spades. Sadly, we were overtaken from the start this time around – the Runs went nill** on the first bid, made it, and remained about 100 points ahead of us throughout the rest of the game. But we fought valiantly, and mostly*** had a bunch of fun playing.

*We didn’t get this nickname because of the story from the Fredericksburg trip. It’s because we run together.

**That moment when I went from thinking “I have a terrible hand” to “Even with this ace of diamonds, I could get nil” was very satisfying. 

***There was the inevitable moment of the game when Caitlin got frustrated with me for showing that I had a lay down winner to end the game before it was over, but all in all we had a lot of fun as always.

unnamedThen, we got to open some presents! Dad got Zack and I huge solid blocks of chocolate, in the form of working. freaking. Dreidels. I mean….amazing*. He also got us silk purple socks from Italy! Edward got us a fantastic smelling candle (it’s like pine needles up in here), some stress relief hand lotion** which I’ve already used multiple days in a row, and TWO amazing ornaments. The first was a time signature ornament with a bell on the bottom. The second needs some explaining. Back on Thanksgiving, Edward and I were both horrified at the prospect of the Elf on the Shelf. Coupled with the insanely creepy idea that this guy would spy on you for santa, he also always seemed to be posed in a “I’m about to poop or try to seduce you or both” kind of way, and his eyes and smile looked evil. We joked about it for a while, and then I kind of forgot about it. So it was to my great delight and sheer horror to find an Elf on the Shelf ornament that Edward had named “Satan***” for us. I laughed, I shivered, and I laughed some more. I’m pretty sure he’s the reason why our microwave totally broke the other day (the entire door fell off as I was merely opening it).

*They’re so cool. I don’t know if I want to play with them or eat them first.

**Oooh I need to use some of this. The skin on my broken foot is getting all cracked up.

***You can’t spell Santa without SATAN.


In turn, Zack and I got my dad the new John Cleese autobiography, and my brother an Adventure Time calendar, as well as the 60th Anniversary edition of The Little Prince. Something about the spirit of the boy in that book reminds me of my brother, so I felt it was a good match.


We finished off the night with a short but hilarious photo shoot, the spoils of which you’ll see scattered throughout this post. There was too much ridiculous/awesome stuff to share to pick just one!

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 1.10.31 AM

On Christmas Day itself, Zack and I both went in to work, so the morning was spent hugging hot cocoa at our respective cubicles. When we both finally made it home, we changed into pajamas and started unwrapping presents. Scooby got a boatload of treats from us and his grandpa (my dad). I got Zack tickets to see the Bulls play the Mavs in Dallas in January*, the Run the Jewels** and Prince Plectrumelectrum vinyl, and a sack full o’ candies (Reese’s and gummy candies and sour patch kids, oh my!) Many of his other big presents were opened during Hanukah (like his authentic ’91 Bulls letterman jacket***, his fancy rum candle and socks pack from Stag, and all kinds of triathlon goodies he can use when his foot is healed.) Zack spoiled me with tons of candy, BEAUTIFUL jewelry from Kendra Scott, a UT football ornament, and the Ben Kweller Christmas EP on vinyl. My mom also sent me some GORGEOUS rose gold playing cards that I intend to bust out on New Year’s Eve, and I won’t reveal her gift yet since it’s still en route. Overall it was a wonderful gifting day, and though we scaled back this year for the sake of being able to pay for our wedding, I don’t think either of us felt deprived at all. At the end of the day, as long as you get to cuddle with your hubby and sweet fuzzy dog, you’ve got the spirit of Christmas in droves.

*I can’t wait! It’s the Bulls on Friday and Jack White Saturday and Sunday.

**My favorite album of the year. Sorry, Jack!

***I’m way excited to wear this into Dallas for that Bulls game.



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