The 2014 Memory Jar

4 Jan


Last year, I noticed that Kate Gabrielle (the blogger behind Scathingly Brilliant) had done a really cool thing where she decorated a mason jar and collected little happy moments in it all year long by writing them down on scraps of paper. I asked Zack if he’d want to try doing our own last year, so we did, and the results were scattered* but very sweet. 

*I really enjoyed writing them, but we both kinda fizzled out after March. I hope we stick with it all year in 2015.

We opened all of the bits and bobs today and took turns reading them off one by one. Below are a few of our favorites. We’re going to do this again for 2015, and hopefully be even more consistent about adding to the jar throughout the year!

“2-21-14: When the girl at the All My Friends show said she thought we were lovely. <3”

“2-9-14: The way you waved your peace sign arms for ‘Yellow Submarine’ the entire song during the Beatles tribute.” (This was the most adorable thing ever.)

“7-18-14: BEY. JAY. HOUSTON TX, BABY!! Bee girls. Drunk girls. Dancing. Pretty Hurts. Halo.”

“2-6-14: Caitlin told Zack his sweater was inside out at work.”

“April 6: You brought Scooby and a ‘Go, Caitlin, GO!! :)’ sign down for me to our apartment gym to cheer me on my personal 10k (that was 4.5 miles). <3<3”

“Slow dancing to ‘Down By the Water’ @ the Drums show, @ the Parish. <3<3<3”


One Response to “The 2014 Memory Jar”

  1. tapeparade February 6, 2015 at 5:26 pm #

    Oh cuuuuute! I want to try one of these! x

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