Zack’s Dream weekend of Bulls & Jack White

30 Jan

bullsgameTwo nights of Jack White in Austin would have been enough to make a dream weekend for me. Getting to go on a road trip to Dallas with Caitlin was just spoiling me. My dear fiancé treated me to Bulls tickets as a Christmas present to go along with an awesome 90’s Bulls leather jacket. The dates fell just right so we could go to Dallas for Friday night’s Bulls game and get back for Saturday and Sunday Jack White shows. I was planning on running the 3M half marathon with Caitlin’s dad Sunday morning, but I’m still recovering from my broken foot, so the best we could do was go root Lance on as he ran the 13.1 miles in the cold by himself. It was a great, exhausting weekend and we weren’t even the ones running the half marathon.bullswarmingupThe plan was to take Caitlin’s car to get inspected and get out of Austin by noon. Her car failed the test due to the power steering being out of fluid*, so we poured a whole bottle in the car, grabbed one to go and got on the road with a new mix cued up on Caitlin’s iPod. After rain for the first hour, we had a lovely drive the rest of the way into Dallas and even had a successful Craigslist meet-up to get our tickets. The guy turned out to be the Mavs dancer’s trainer and hooked us up with great seats and a parking pass. We swung by Caitlin’s mom’s house in Royse City for some delicious homemade tacos and a drink before getting to the stadium just in time to see our boys warm up.

*This has since cost me an unexpected $1,800 to fix, which is giving me a ton of stress since it’s happening so close to the wedding. I am trying not to take this out on Zack. (I have not been totally successful.)


We had a real solid view and were even sitting next to Bulls fans, which made me feel more comfortable standing and throwing up three fingers as Rose made his third 3-pointer of the first quarter*. The Bulls led from beginning to end, though they gave us quite a scare in the 4th quarter as the lead dipped to two and they almost gave the Mavs a chance to win. The two funniest things that happened during the game were me getting up too fast to pee at the end of the first quarter and getting smacked in the head with a tray of nachos** and the Mavs horribly awkward rapping on the jumbo-tron (instagram video of said rapping.) It was a ton of fun to see a win and see Derrick and Joakim Noah healthy and playing well***.

*Even though the Mavs fans were awful to us last time, we tried to be polite and respectful, but still cheer on our guys.

**And almost took the poor woman holding them out with him, too.

***Um, aren’t you forgetting someone? JIMM-Y BU-CKETS!

After a late night In-N-Out Burger stop for milkshakes and fries*, we headed back to Caitlin’s mom and they stayed up late chatting as I went to sleep with dreams of Jack White. We woke up, had some salad and pasta, watched Browndogg walk on the treadmill (above) and got back on the road. When we got home, Caitlin realized she was too tired for back to back nights of Jack White if we were going to get up early and see her dad run, so she sat it out while I snuck down to the floor to rock out**.

*My first In-N-Out experience and it was really lame. Never going back to you, you silly fast food place.

**Sad, since the first night was apparently way better, but I know I made the right choice.

lancerunWe got up nice and early Sunday morning, grabbed a muffin and coffee and found our way to the finish line, hopeful that Lance hadn’t run so fast that we’d miss him finishing. Thankfully, he ran a good, fast time but not so fast that we couldn’t root him through the finish line. He was all smiles as he saw us and we even got to see our friend Ally finish just a few minutes ahead of him. We were so proud. Seriously, it was so great to cheer him on. I honestly don’t recall if I’d ever had an opportunity to do that before – the only races he was in where I was there, I was running (not nearly as far), too.


After the race, we took Lance out for a well deserved lunch as part of our Tastemade tour (we’ll get to that next week), met a friend for tea and went out for a fancy dinner before gearing up for Jack. We caught the end of the opening band and saw a very good, but not great Jack White show (full review here). I was glad Jack saved some of Caitlin’s favorites for her night, especially an incredibly sweet “We’re Going to Be Friends” and fast, dance-y “Fell in Love With A Girl.*” We had an especially bad group of fans near us that I had to loud-shame, but we were mostly able to put that aside and enjoy the show. It was an exhausting weekend that I needed a two hour nap on Tuesday to fully recover from, but an especially great one that I’m thankful to Caitlin for making happen.

*Truly, two of my faves.


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