A truly “super” friend-filled weekend

5 Feb

collagesuperZack’s dream weekend was a hard act to follow*, but luckily we booked last weekend with just as much laugh-a-minute goodness so that it really just felt like the party kept going. Between comedy, rock, and good old fashioned sports, we really experienced the most all-American** weekend you could hope for.

*It’s not every week Jack White and the Bulls come through Texas.

**I think all the acts we saw are American, so this checks out.

Friday night, we planned back-to-back comedy awesomeness with our dear friends, the Inselmanns. We started at a Master Pancake performance featuring the always delightful Doug Benson. It was a “Choose Your Own Pancake,” meaning we had no idea what we were in for. I was worried for Caitlin that a super violent movie would be chosen and it would be too much for her. The_Other_Sister_19320_Medium

A ridiculously long line of people were brought onstage to pitch their movies to us as potentials to get the Pancake treatment (think Mystery Science Theater 3000). Their choices ranged from the obvious (Nicholas Cage’s latest effort, Left Behind, wherein it’s the rapture…yeah), to the meh (The Mummy). The best (weirdest*?) pitch probably came from an I-still-don’t-know-if-he-was-doing-a-bit dude who suggested we watch Dirty Dancing. Still, after a few selection processes**, we ended up with that 1999 classic The Other Sister.

*I think the Star Wars knock-off that came out a year after the original was the weirdest, and it almost won! Face/Off was the runner-up.

**They kept making us do and more votes so they could avoid having to mock “The Other Sister.” But we chose it. 


If you are unfamiliar with this Garry Marshall production, let me break it down for you:  Juliette Lewis plays a woman who purportedly has an intellectual disability*, but often comes across as the most reasonable person in her family. Her overly protective and basically awful mother, Diane Keaton, is waaaaayyy over protective of her, and tries to come between her and her true love, also-intellectually-disabled Giovanni Ribisi. It is a treasure trove of absolutely horrible, non-PC jokes, thus causing our drinking game phrase of the night to be, “GOD DAMNIT PATRICK!!” (Patrick was the individual who brought us this movie to spoof.)

*It’s so weird, because she plays the character offensively, but still manages to come across as having very little wrong with herself. 


It was a really solid Pancake — my second-favorite I’ve ever seen* (The Little Mermaid is still the best one) — and got us all warmed up for Kurt Braunohler at Cap City Comedy. The two openers for Kurt were really solid, but it was only Kurt who could make me double over and cry from laughing. I won’t spoil any of his jokes for you, but I will implore you to see this guy**. He really gets me. His humor is right on par with the things that cross my mind from time to time. It was a fabulous night, and he even got a little political, which was kind of awesome in and of itself. A BALLOON! PILOT!

*If we aren’t counting HANKSGIVING, which is still my favorite, this was right behind The Little Mermaid for me as well.

**I saw him a couple times at Moontower Comedy festival last year and insisted we saw him this go round. He did a couple of the same bits, but it was mostly new and I laughed as hard as ever. Caitlin literally cried laughing.


Saturday, Zack and I joined a room full of vaguely-paying-attention people at Bass Concert Hall to celebrate KUTX’s second birthday. To be fair, much of the room paid attention and was respectful; we just happened to sit around a section of folks who were yell-talking over the music, and very luckily they left just one song into Jenny Lewis’ performance, so there. Tune-yards was up first, and while their loops-heavy layering and bombastic percussion echoed beautifully in the venue*, I think they shine brightest at music festivals where they can get more crowd participation and where people can really dance.

*I thought the venue would be beneficial, and they sounded great, but we definitely missed being able to dance.


Jenny was absolutely perfect, as always, but I think she also excels when she can at least see the crowd. She even commented on how weird it was to look out and see only darkness. Still, she played my favorites (“Acid Tongue” and “A Better Son/Daughter” and “Silver Lining” and on and on), was just a peach, and I left wanting to be her friend forever. Yeah, we got to see her at ACL this year and she was just as incredible this time. She played a lot of her latest album, Voyager, and aside from playing the title track, I heard everything I wanted to.


Sunday, it was Wittbloom+Inselmann time again for the Super Bowl. We settled in at the Church of Inselmann, and I kept Katie company while she whipped together the most delicious snacks for us to stuff our faces with*, and the boys threw the football**. Katie and I surprised ourselves by actually sitting through the entire Super Bowl — our original plan was to watch something else altogether, or sit out on the porch and chat the whole time, but their couch is just too damn comfy and we got sucked in by the overwhelmingly depressing commercials*** and Katy Perry boring-ness. And yet, despite the weird feels coming from the game, we still had ourselves a total blast and the most delicious noms I have ever had. It was a perfect weekend with great people, and I can’t wait till we can do it all again soon!

*I ate so much queso I barely had room for the Franklin’s BBQ I brought. But I pushed through for America.

**Their dog Hank tried to play as well and I did my best not to run or jump on my still recovering foot.

***See: above. What a weirdly depressing slate of ads. Everyone you love will die. 


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